Fingerprint reader and PIN unlock does not work after using two (non working) apps. How to fix?

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1.      Model Name: Zenfone 7 pro

2.      Firmware Version: Android 11

3.      Rooted or not: not

4.      Frequency of Occurrence: every time while using two apps

5.      APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): 1. CANAL+ ver 5.2.1

2. Vectra TV Online ver 2.4.10



Those are official apps provided by TV broadcasters. Sorry but I cannot post links to those apps on Play Store as forum does not allow me to do :/ . Below is scenario of issue:

1.      Opening app - everything works well until chose material (stream).

2.      Opening stream - it's loading infinitive (not work).

3.      Closing app - >locking phone.

4.      Trying to unlock phone by fingerprint reader - there is error like "Fingerprint reader unavailable".

5.      Trying to unlock by PIN - entering the PIN number and right bottom button is "grayed" - it's unavailable - I cannot unlock the phone.

6.      Only way to unlock phone is to force it to restart. After restart I can unlock phone with finger and PIN - of course until point one (opening one of these apps).

I have to say I never had such problem with other phones I have and those apps (Moto G PRO, Huawei Mate 20 PRO). I assume something may be wrong with Azus Zenfone itself. I did factory reset but it not helped neither.

Any help? Shall I send it to service or is there any other way to solve that?

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