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Hi I'm just wondering if only android 11 asus would be willing to allow us to have the audio focus toggle? Sometimes I like to have two audio sources at once like my old phones, say I want my Spotify to be playing and vlc (sometimes I play audiobook and listen to music) or I browse the net and videos turn off my music.

I was just wondering if you could please consider it for Android 11!


  • That's a nice feature lets see what Asus adds in Android 11 update for Rog 2. There are other features too that needs to be added in the A11 update, like new AOD styles, New fingerprint logo, animation, slow charging. needs to fix black crush or at least tweak the display, Auto refresh rate, Dynamic themes. these are few features that came to my mind i may have missed some there are others as well if Asus adds these features it will be great they are crucial ones. lets hope they add these features.

  • Or there's the issue of HDR images when scrolling changing the whole image contrast, or when settings to 120hz blacks look less black and more grey.

  • Sadly A11 wont have that feature,

    but rest assured if asus pull if off like they did with rog 3 , than A11 is going to legend-wait_for_it-diary for rog 2 users , totally worth the upgrade over A10

  • Yeah..hope Asus pulls it off like they did with Rog 3.

  • Pulls what off? They need to force apps to use 120hz, overlays and some apps won't work at 120fps like YouTube app, scrolling can be laggy, other apps too.

    easy to implement a huge company like Asus can roll this out for all zenphones with a click of a button lol.

  • I cant tell you anything about your laggy scroll as i have rog 3 but apart from games, every app can run as many fps as your can able to display and capable of handling , for games it is on game developers

    i think you are having some software bugs and its your device specific so as usual grind of factory reset might fix it for you

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