Rog phone 5 ulti heating issue

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:rog phone 5 ulti
  2. Firmware Version:.151
  3. Rooted or not:no root
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: phone getting hot evenwhile doing menial daily tasks
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): spotifyrunning in the background, reddit browsing, messenger

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


I've had this phone for about 3 to 4 days now and my temps while doing regular daily tasks seem to heat up my phone and it's concerning given i basically paid a kidney for this thing.

My temps are as follows while doing ordinary daily light multitasking activities(spotify, reddit browsing, messaging etc.)

Cpu steady at 37c it reaches 42 to 45c when i play spotify in the background

Same with gpu temps

System temp is at 30 to 35c

Do i have a heating issue? Others have mentioned in rog community connect that i should return my unit.shoud i?

I really like this phone cause it fits and even exceeds my needs.

Thanks in advance

To add to this my temps are at 35c cpu and 33c batt at idle.

My settings are at 50%brightness

Dynamic mode

Auto refresh rate


  • The phone certainly does have heating issues. Even the standard Rog 5 does too. Put it this way, with my Huawei p40 pro plus, the maximum temperature I get is around 27 degrees but this is with multi tasking/very heavy usage. With normal usage kind YouTube it doesn't go above 22 degrees and idle temperature is maximum 20 degrees. On my Rog 5, it's a completely different story, very similar to yours infact. I've noticed that the higher refresh rate makes the temperature go crazy. Even when compared to when I had the Rog 3, the Rog 5 gets dangerously warm. From what I've read, if the phone goes above approximately 35 degrees, this is when the batter(ies) take a hit and affected long term. The heating issue is affecting ALL Rog 5 users, including the pro and ultimate variants

  • You don't, the temperature you see are very far within the limits of acceptable thermals. Infact CPU and GPU in smartphone SoC's can get up to around 100c without even getting damaged. When you play games your CPU and GPu expect to be around 90-100c, around 100 is when the phone starts throttling. The only temperature that could be concerning is the system temp, which is the general temperature of the phone, that temperature should not exceed 55c as it will accelerate the degradation of the battery. In a nutshell you shouldnt be worried, even if you throttle, this is perfecly demonstrated by other phones that easily hit 100c, throttle hard and never died despite being like that for years.

  • So within these temps i have no problems? If the system temp is going to be the concern i have recorded a temp of 42c to 47c playing codm with max settings (set by default upon opening the app) xmode off and played for about 30mins to 2hrs. Are these values within the normal range given the amount of time/usage? Thanks again for the replies.

  • As I said, as long during gaming your system temp isnt 55 or higher you're good to go, up to 47c is still within safe limits unless you charge your battery, then 45c and above is not good.

    Basicially system temp -> 55 or higher bad when not charging

    system temp of 45 or higher -> bad when charging.

    This is due to how li ion batteries operate in certain temperatures.

  • Ok so are all rog phone 5's like this?

    Seems like we're given overpowered specs but can only use it's maximum potential in short bursts of gameplay/usage to avoid frying the hardware.... I wish i had read the threads on here while deciding on getting this phone. came from a poco f1 which served me well, lasted me almost 4 years and been eyeing this rog phone for a while.when my poco died i got lucky and found an ultimate for a replacement. So far im fine with it now that you've given clarity on my concerns, just a bit worried on the longevity of this investment.

    Any more tips or advice on making the most out of this phone? And also additional tips to avoid frying it?

    Thank you

  • This is the case with almost all phones. All phones throttle except for very very few ones, it's the norm noadays. Why do you think do Iphones perform so well in short benchmarks but are an complete and utter nightmare when it comes to any demanding games or emulation?

    Longevity of the Rog5 is indeed a major concern, it's sadly also one of my concerns as well. Sadly on release it was very clear the phone was very rushed and with it came tons of defects, asus has already made another revision of the motherboard fixing some issues such as the Wifi, that being said we still don't know if the power IC / storage will die on future revisions yet as so far I don't think any schematics have been released.

    Generally avoid charging while playing games, avoid hypercharge as much as possible, always go slow charge, maybe use the scheduled charge, other than that there really isnt anything else you can do as a normal user to prevent something from happening if the new revisions have fixed all issues, then it should last you quite some time until you do something like pressure on it to much, as we know from the durability test from jerryrigeverything the phone isnt exacly sturdy.

  • That is what happen to me too

    This phone easily hot even when I use it for browse or watch youtube

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I have been reading through the forums and have read up on what you said about the faulty motherboards. Should i be concerned about that also? I have had this phone for about 5 days now updated to .151 without issues with the wifi... I have read that most of the faulty motherboards were mostly sent and bought by our brothers from india.I'm from the philippines, is there any chance i may have also recieved a faulty motherboard? Do the issues about the motherboard show up immediately? How do i check?

  • Hello, if you dont mind me asking,

    When did you acquire your device?

    How long into your daily session does your phone begin to heat up? 30 mins? 2 hrs? With minimal multitasking (youtube, browsing etc) ? how about when gaming?

    What are the steps you made to minimize/manage heating with regards to daily use/activities? Or while gaming?

    Thanks for responding.

  • Hello, if you dont mind me asking,

    When did you acquire your device?

    How long into your daily session does your phone begin to heat up? 30 mins? 2 hrs? With minimal multitasking (youtube, browsing etc) ? how about when gaming?

    What are the steps you made to minimize/manage heating with regards to daily use/activities? Or while gaming?

    And with regards of the 35c temp that may damage the battery, is that with the system temp, cpu or gpu temps? As what danishblunt has said in his comment system temps of 55c and above are the "danger" levels...

    Thanks for responding.

  • a. When did you acquire your device?

    3 months ago

    b. How long into your daily session does your phone begin to heat up? 30 mins? 2 hrs? With minimal multitasking (youtube, browsing etc) ? how about when gaming?

    Around 30 mins for daily multitaskting like social media, browsing or youtube and 5-10 mins when I play light games like mobile legends. It's easily reach 43c after 30 mins played mobile legends

    c. What are the steps you made to minimize/manage heating with regards to daily use/activities? Or while gaming?

    I try to use dynamic mode to make it cooler but it's no use

    d. And with regards of the 35c temp that may damage the battery, is that with the system temp, cpu or gpu temps?

    That's system temp

  • I have read up on the issues you mentioned about the motherboard. Should i be concerned as well?

    From what i've seen so far the bad batch ended up in india. And most of our brothers there ended up going thru a disastrous warranty claim... I'm from the philippines, is there any chance i may have ended up with a bad motherboard also? Do issues about wifi/mobo show up immediately? How do i check?

  • How's your battery life so far? Any noticable change since 3 months ago? Any other issues that happend since? Because of the heating and what not... Ty for responding

  • I purchased the device when it first released, around May.

    It takes roughly about 10 minutes of web browsing or 20 minutes of YouTube before the phone starts to get warm. Bare in mind, this is with around 30% brightness sometimes less. Also this is with 60hz, with higher refresh rate the phone gets even more hot. Infact, I never use higher refresh rates because of this heating 😈

    The steps I've taken are I have Bluetooth, GPS, Sync all OFF unless I need them. I've deleted some apps using ADB. I use 60hz mode all the time. I use dynamic mode all the time too. But even with all this, it still gets warm. Now, imagine if I didn't use these settings, the phone would be like am Oven, too hot to use and uncomfortable to touch.

    Mr Who's the boss mentioned in a video that everytime phone temperature goes above 30 degrees, it's dangerous for the battery and will cause battery to degrade. I'm not sure how accurate that claim is so thought I'd mention it. I use GSAM Battery monitor to check temperature and I also check under the battery profile which shows temperature. Hope this helped

  • Other than heating what other issues have you noticed since may?

    Will look into gsam app to monitor and will look for the video you mentioned. Thanks for the advice and for responding.

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    There were many other issues for example screen lag issue, speaker volume and speaker quality issue, call volume issue, android system & Android OS battery drain issue, fast charging not working issue. But, all these issues have been fixed with software updates apart from the battery drain issue.

    Only issues left to be fixed by Asus is the overheating and battery drain. If they could increase the speaker volume when listening to music/media playback that would be awesome too

  • I also read in other threads that software updates sometimes are the cause for other issues. If so, what do you guys do when an update comes up? Do you immediately download? Wait it out a bit? Or what? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, i just really want to be prepared when an issue arises.

  • You have to explain to me how you were able to determine that disabling BT and GPS did something for you. The power consumption of the BT 5.x in standby is 1mW, deep 1uW, that of the GPS is 0 as long as an application does not use it. Neither of these 2 actions can have an impact on consumption and heating.

    When to uninstall the application with ADB, if it was pre-installed on the Rog5, I hope you know exactly what you are doing, better in any case than the two deactivations above since you do not have mention security and confidentiality which would be the only reasons for wanting to do this.

    Or can not be in 60 hz and in dynamic mode all the time?

    Mr. Who is absolutely right but the loss at 30 ° remains contained and is a normal value in telephony, only certain sectors can afford to integrate a cooling / heating system to keep the batteries at 20-25 ° (hybrid / electric car, airplane, construction machine, etc.)

    You give impressions of heat but not the corresponding temperatures and without indicating the ambient temperature it makes no sense.

  • You will end up with an ulcer in your stomach and stuffing your brain like that :)

    My personal conduct

    Automatic update (System and PLay Store) = disabled

    System Firmware Update -

    - Rating analysis and possibly user community, analysis of existing bugs and corrections.

    I update 99.99% of the time, firmware that brings more critical usage bug is exceptional unlike level 10 security bugs which can compromise your security or render the device unusable.

    Update Software

    - Particularly attentive to Google updates for several basic software which are regularly rotten and affect other applications or services (Google map, messenger for the GPS), (Storage, Gmail for the battery), (Chrome and System WebView for Http / Https) the latter is the worst because a very large number of applications use WebView). Carrier for 2,3,4,5G telephone functions seems to have stabilized for some time.

    For games it's easier, if the game is still compatible with my previous phone, I install and test, otherwise, there are always some volunteers in our community of players to sacrifice themselves :)

    To proceed with the update, Firmware, I do it only after having turned off the telephone and on again, to have a clean memory and without any software in the background. For software, I clear the cache and for certain I stop the service.

    For the temperature, the ROG 5 is not optimal but this is the case of the vast majority who use the 888, lowering the frequency is the only thing Asus can do but will not be of much use, it will lower the temperature. when it is not used or used very little, except, the battery temperature 23 to 27 is not critical with an ambient temperature of 20-25. It is critical in games and the only solution is to use a fan and the asus fan is worthless.

    - Note: In my opinion, which is only my opinion, all users who often live with an ambient temperature equal to or greater than 35 ° should not buy a phone with a Soc888 or else plan for an extremely reduced battery life . this should reach 40-45 °, a temperature which already significantly impacts the life of the battery.

    The drain of the battery depends strongly on the Firmware and the applications, that of the Rog5 is not badly controlled except with AOD which prevents the sleep of the tel. The rest is due to software and settings (sync), each case is different. AOD disabled for the moment, anyway, it is unreadable and storage manager disabled too.

    Battery and life

    - Never charge the phone at a low temperature (<10 °) (heat it to around 20 ° if you have forgotten it in the car in winter for example)

    -Charge, avoid high temperatures (> 35 °), never if 45-50 ° (around 60 ° the phone will refuse the charge but it is too late)

    Specific for the Rog5 with its protective shell

    - The cutout of the shell for the RGB creates an air pocket, when it is placed on a flat surface (desk or support) the air is locked in, the Soc is there and this creates a hot spot. This is problematic with media for watching videos and even worse for car navigation, especially in summer.

    Fast charging greatly reduces battery life, there is no reliable data for smartphones, fortunately the technology is similar for vehicles and professional machines where there are studies, at best, it is 30 % at worst it is 60% depending on the technology.

    - Give preference to slow charging and better still a standard 2A charger, only use fast charging if absolutely necessary. Attention, slow charging does not work at home with firmware .151, due to the use of a 2A charger

    Set the maximum load to 90%, 80 if you want but from 95 the difference is minimal with 80

    Please note that this setting is only active if Android is started and you have carried out the complete start-up procedure. The phone will charge 100% if it is turned off or if you have not completely started (enter PIN code and unlock)

    Misconception (and true). It is true that a battery that drops to 0% is dead, but when your phone indicates 0% it has a buffer left, 10, 15, 20% depending on the manufacturer, so when the phone indicates 0% it is the chip integrated in the battery which manages, 0% for the user = 10-20% real in the battery. It therefore does not risk anything. (except of course if you store your phone for 6 months at 45 °, there is a physical discharge that the chip cannot manage). It is therefore completely unnecessary to charge it as soon as it reaches 20%.

    Install a software allowing to see the main temperature sensors, battery, share by cores, gpu, modem, to have a visibility of the temperatures with several uses in different ambient temperatures. AIDA64 is not bad, watch punctually

    Critical temperatures, the Battery is the most concerned 45 ° is high, 60 ° it does not last for a long time. 78 ° seems to be the safety limit and forces the stop of the tel.

    The temperature of the CPU can be 100 ° to 120 ° without risk, the absence of a qualcomm document does not help to have the exact value but it is not below, it manages its temperature but does not take care of that of the battery, except it is the only criticism.

    On the other hand, Battery and CPU monitoring software consume resources, great, you can see the CPU% (totally useless), the% of memory (totally useless especially with the 8 and + of the rog), the battery temperature, great, for that your software uses 10 to 60% of CPU and increases the temperature of the battery by 3 to 5 ° for the one you have installed.

    The basic rule on monitoring is that it be as transparent as possible, it is already integrated into the system, why add a layer ????. If in doubt or problem, check with system or third party tools but do not leave anything from third parties permanently.

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    Hi sir, okay let me try to be as descriptive as possible 👍

    Regarding Bluetooth and GPS, they way I figured out they cause unecessary battery consumption is through GSAM Battery monitor. I've enabled ADB stats on GSAM so I can access wakelocks.. so, bearing this in mind, when I put the phone on standby, say overnight or when I'm not using it, the wakelock counter would increase, not by loads, but still noticeable which told me that something or somethings are keeping phone awake, no matter how brief which is taking up battery. So, I turned off GPS and Bluetooth to conserve as much power as possible 👍

    Regarding ADB, I'm very experienced with this as I do it with almost every phone I get. I mainly debloat user apps as opposed to system apps, the latter being core apps which can brick the phone :) a few online searches also helps with which apps are safe to debloat via ADB 👍

    I'm always on 60hz and dynamic mode, it gives best battery life with good performance/speed. I only use durable once I reach 20% or around 30% if I'm unable to charge (travelling or at work) 👍

    Look dude, I have no reason to make stuff up. The phone does get unecessarily warm even with extremely light usage. Room temperature in most cases is about 20 degrees (I'm in UK). As compared to my Huawei, the Rog 5 is significantly Warmer with similar usage. Even with more intense usage on my Huawei, it doesn't go above 27 degrees unless I'm out in hot weather

    Finally, when I'm charging even on steady charge mode, it goes to about 37 degrees, however, I bought a funcooler from black shark, funcooler 2 which I attach to Rog 5 while charging, the temperature never goes above 20 degrees using the cooler

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