Phone app paste to dialer BUG


I noticed that on .115 update i got some strange behavior of dialer in default (ASUS) phone app.

When I try to paste copied in clipboard phone number to dialer by pressing empty line when it should be - I got nothing. I mean I can't paste anything there. Sometimes when i pretty accurate continously push to middle of dialer - I start to see very very small cursor (vertical line "|") and then I can paste copied phone number. After I paste something there cursor ("|") goes in it's normal size.

Same if I can't enter anything from clipboard there I can tap to any digit in dialer and then cursor appears and I can paste phone there.

Check screenshots please and pay attention to size of blue cursor. I need to tap to any digit and then delete it to be able to paste there anything. Otherwise I can tap there many times and 1 out of 10 times my attempt will be succesfull with small cursor.

Cache of phone app was cleared (even twice) after update but this didn't help. Haven't noticed this on .103 and previous FW updates

Please fix!



  • @Kris_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

    Good afternoon,

    Any replies or comments? Was this information sent to SW devs?

    1. Clear cache files system-wide. (Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile manager -> Cleanup)
    2. Clear the cache of ASUS Launcher and Android System.
    3. Reboot your device.
    4. If not fixed by the above, consider backing up your personal data and then perform a factory reset. Should this not fix the issue I'll send you instructions on how to log your device.
  • Tried as described in points 1, 2 and 3 of your instruction - it doesn't help. By the way point 2 was useless because after clearing cache system-wide both of mentioned apps showed 0b of cache. :)

    I will backup my apps (i have unlocked BL and root) and will perform factory def.settings on weekend. At the moment I need phone on work. Thanks!)

  • @Gustav_ASUS

    I checked it after factory default settings and confirm that it is present! I don't remember that I noticed it on .83 and .103. So maybe something changed exactly in last update.

    Do you need video to show you my problem? Can you reproduce it on your phone?

  • @dron39 One thing I'd like you to check is if the issue persists when changing system language to English.

    And no, I'm unable to reproduce this issue on my device. (UI in English.)

  • dron39dron39 Level 1
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    Yes. Problem persist on English (US) UI language. I even manually reboot phone after change UI.

    When you first time open dialer app (or after manually stop it) or until you tap to any digit in dialer panel) - I'm not able to tap to this area (marked by green on picture).

    I can make you a small video with bug repdoducing but let me know how to share it with you? I don't want to share it with everyone (because of phone numbers in dialer).

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