Rog phone 3 Android 11 update fail

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Hello guys, i needed this help for such a long time. I search through every where to get a solution ,but I finally ended up here

I bought this phone from local store seller, November 2020 A tencent edition. Almost 10 month now. Till I didn't got any single update. So I manually download the Android 11 firmware from Asus site.and put it on internal storage and restart the phone. It detect the update and then when I press ok it says update fail. I tried so many times even I factory reset the phone too. I end up with update fail.

Anyone knows how to update to Android 11 ??

Sorry for my English 😔


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    Your issue is that you purchased the Tencent Games version of the phone. There is a pinned thread in this forum about that.

    In short, because the ROM installed on the phone doesn't match the hardware, OTA updates are disabled. You will have manually update every time there is an update.

    And, I could be wrong about this, but I do not believe you can skip updates, either. You will likely need to go through every update you've missed on to get caught up to the current update. Checking the help center (at least, the US one), there are 13 system updates currently available, and your screenshot shows your phone is running an older version than the oldest update in the help center (might even be the original release?).

  • Let me spare you from some trouble ,

    Just flash the A11 raw file available on xda flash .138 which is latest version but flashing willl format your data so please backup everything and dont come blaming me that your data got lost becoz of me

    All you will need is adb and fastboot drivers installed in your windows computer ,

    Extract the raw file

    Enable usb debugging from developer settings and than Reboot your device in fastboot by giving this command in cmd " adb reboot bootloader" and connect with your pc with side port

    Run command " fastboot devices "in cmd to ensure that device gets the connection

    From that extracted files, run-

    " Zs661ks_raw_flashall.bat " and have some patients and let it complete, after completion it will reboot to setup screen , if you have any trouble than go to telegram group of rog 3

    This is the best way to install patest updates and you will not get any unnecessary bugs aside from bugs that comes with software

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