Few questions about VoLTE and Performance

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Firmware: WW_30.11.55.75

Carrier: P4(Play)

Country: Poland


Does anyone know if we can expect enabling VoLTE in Polish networks (Orange, T-mobile, Polkomtel, P4)? Cause call quality is quite poor. Can we expect some improvement with software updates, enabling HD Voice codecs, agreement with mobile oprator? I know there was an update whitch add VoLTE support on Orange and T-mobile, but any of these two m.o. does not confirm VoLTE supporting on Asus phones (you can check this on their sites - Mobile operator support confirm to me on chat that above sites are actual and they does not support asus devices with VoLTE).


There is system setting on which we can determine Term limit and CPU/GPU/RAM performance.

When set to Dynamic, min CPU clocks are set to 300/300/300/300/710/710/710/844, but when I switch to advanced mode to set manualy behavior and set all options to min (thermal limit and CPU / GPU / RAM performance) The minimum CPU clock speed is 1401/1401/1401/1401/1324/1324/1324/1305. My question is why are these clocks so high when I set all the settings to min? Shouldn't they be as low as on dynamic to save battery?

Thanks in advance for any information


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