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this (ideal) phone just stopped turning on.

I talked to the person on the phone, put it in my pocket, took it out in a minute, and it was turned off and did not react to anything, put it on charge, held down the buttons, etc., excellent quality of phones from asus, a flagship that cost about $ 1000.


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    its WW version . and its was last update

  • Welcome to ASUS family

    Good brand worst quality

    Try to force restart it and if it still won't turn on, I must say rest in peace to your phone

    You can bring it to ASC because your motherboard is dead

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    motherbord is dead 100% . amazing quality .... i wont buy new pc .... i now i know asus i dont buy more...

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    after 2 days, this piece of the phone turned on, began to respond to charging, in two days it was discharged to 0.

    Asus officially refuses to change my phone which is 3 weeks old and it has such problems.

    now I know for sure that I don't want to work with asus anymore.

    service at the level, I'm going to write to various bloggers asking them to voice this problem, I hope everyone will find out the truth about the reputation of the asus ...

  • If you had watched my youtube video you'd know that it would have happened. I saw dead rog5's coming since release as there are some serious design flaws. Wait a couple of more months, it will look similair to the rog2 subforum.

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