Android 12 update for Rog 3

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Asus, has come a long way into gaming device market as moderators always been replying that two major updates for Rog device is hard because it requires a lot of work & we are a small team. But again, considering the price we paid i guess every Rog device starting from Rog 2 should have two major android updates, i mean just because other gaming device are lacking in terms of software updates why you "Asus" team don't grab this opportunity and provide us 2 year android update instead of just 1 year.

We as a Rog phone user donot care if you take a long long time giving us the updates, as Asus unlike most brands prefer to only release something when its at most "stable" stage to use as a daily driver.

So Asus moderators here, please discuss these things with your senior level team as this will definitely increase your customers trust on ur products and will help you gain more and increase your customer base for even future products !!


  • We all think we want good support and Updates from Asus but i don't know why they can't give.

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    I'm never buying a gaming phone from Asus ever again. Owner of a Rog 2 and very disappointed with the levels of OS support provided.

  • Bought a 40 k flagship phone from a company and they are only providing 1 major update!!! Very disappointed as an owner of rog2

  • If a person spends Rs. 40000 on a device, there are some expectations. Never buying an Asus handset again. Only 1 major update in approx 2 years. We need Android 11 for ROG 2.

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    Asus android 12 is having great gaming centric features and optimisations as well, please don't let us down, give us the Android 12 update also for ROG3

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    All of us have gone to great lengths to buy this exclusive smartphone. I also own a Samsung s9, a phone from 2018.How is it possible that a current phone has the same operating system as one from 3 years ago? Please Asus, give us a chance to have android 12 on this flagship. An exclusive flagship is useless if the software is out of date in 1 year. I think that if you don't update rog3 to A12, you will lose a lot of customers due to lack of trust and support.

  • Please don't compare a Samsung flagship with an Asus flagship

    It's unfair due to many factors

  • I thought we did get two years or major updates on all Asus phones. Am I mistaken? I know that they are as slow as a wet week but we should eventually get the second update

  • Zenfone series will get 2 major os but not sure about Rog series because till now no Rog series device has received 2 os upgrades.

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    I am not trying to compare them. What I'm trying to say is that we have a new phone that has the same operating system as one from 3 years ago. They have to wake up with the software in Asus

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    Same operating system but a lot more features and more complex code

    Samsung phones update faster since they copy paste their code,it's simple really

    They don't have to worry about"airtriggers, lightning case,coolers,gamepads,twinview dock,armoury crate,gaming features and optimisations,soc performance options etc" working on the next Android version

    Again,you can't compare simple and normal grade consumer phones to tech enthusiast filled with features and compatibilities gaming phone's

    Not to mention how small the Asus mobile devision is compared to Samsung

    And yes you compare them about pushing updates and you compare their os directly,so don't lie in front of everyone,it's clear on your texts

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    I'm saying that a phone from three years ago has the same operating system as ours, which is from 2020. I don't care how complex the rog3 hardware is, that's not an excuse, Asus should give better software support. The smartphone can have Air triggers, LEDs, gamepad ... it can have whatever you want, if Asus sells it, Asus should be prepared for that, they shouldn't say "it's too complex" as an excuse. If they can't support a flagship phone, then don't build it. What is not normal, and I insist, is that we have the same operating system as a phone from 3 years ago (Samsung or another, I don't care about the brand). It is also absolutely absurd to compare them because the rog3 is better in all respects to the s9. I have both phones and I love my rog3, I know what I'm saying. I'm just trying to say that Asus should have better update support on their smartphones.

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