VoLTE support in Malaysia

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when will asus release a firmware with VoLTE support for operators in Malaysia. Local customer service have no idea on the progress (if there is any)

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  • How about other operator like DIGI and Celcom. any plan to release the supported firmware soon?

  • Digi,celcom unifi mobile and YTL yes also have lunch VOLTE time ago...even all Zenfone or ROG phone not support volte on YES,just can connect data and unable to made call because YES without 2G and 3G... since I using 5z and now asus Zenfone 8 flip...asus still doing nothing from upgrade volte in Malaysia Telco...pls lah don't lazy...don't always disappointed to your customer....end of 2021 Malaysia will shut down 3G service...if asus Zenfone or ROG phone still can't get support on VOLTE, time went you made outgoing call will be drop into 2G...and last...even my Realme 5 pro is support yes VoLTE,but why asus is unable to support?

  • pandan80,

    I am also in similar situation like you..started with 5Z on the promise that it supported Volte. after more than 2 years it has not materialised. now with 8 flip, its still the same. Why cant Asus follow suit like other manufacturers where they can rollout a single firmware that support Volte on all network like Apple, Huawei, Realme, Xiaome etc.

  • Maybe asus always look down Malaysia marking 😂😂so...

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