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I read that former Zenfones were sent to important devs to speed up the development.

Was this also done with the Zenfone 8?

Especially TWRP would be important.

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    Yes, give me a chance, lol.

    This is my first Virtual AB device and the TWRP upstream code in still a WIP for Android 11. So it'll take time. But don't worry; I'm working on it. I even have an initial device tree already, if you want to follow my progress on GitHub (I can't post links apparently, but just look for my GitHub).

    As soon as TWRP is functional, I will be posting it on XDA, so keep an eye out there.


  • I think its much better if u join the telegram group of the TWRP devs and ask them instead. I dont think you'll get much answers here.

  • Captain Throwback (lead TWRP dev) got the device so don't worry it'll get official TWRP support :)

    By the way devs are present on XDA and the telegram group for Zenfone 8 so you can have an one on one conversation with them properly there

    Zentalk isn't an platform for custom development talk

    An older ss on XDA from May,he has the device now by the way

  • Some other devs have got the device too

    Micky- Omni rom

    Tbalden- CleanSlate kernel

    Freak07- Kirisakura kernel

    Wichaya- Google Camera

    Captain Throwback- TWRP

    From what I know these have got the devices from Asus

    There's a upcoming Lineage os post on XDA too but dunno if the dev got the phone or bought it himself

    And phhuson (gsi) bought the device himself I guess

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    Awesome, did not see that also the TWRP guys have the device :)

  • There is a forum section on XDA for these types of topics.

    We dont mind but we can't really answer this type of queries here.

  • I've pinned the answer above, and locked the thread so the answer is most visible. For further discussions about TWRP + Zenfone 8 , please find the relevant threads/sections on NDA.

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