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I have an issue with this frozen notification info. It happens from beginning. Phone is then hot and it is uncomfortable to wear him. Only way how can i remove it, is restarting a phone.

I'm using Nova launcher.

Also i´m very dissapointed with battery life, around 1 day with normal using.

Is there some progress with VoLTE in Slovakia, O2 carrier?


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    Found the issue. It is the notification saying that there are "no new notifications" when you have "Detect face to show notifications" enabled in the security settings for Face Unlock.

    You can turn it off here:

    Settings -> Security & Lock screen -> Face recognition.

    Turn off "Show notifications" (Detect face to show all notifications on the Lock screen. Swipe up to enter Home screen.)


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    How many times has this happened?

    Did it happen before you switched to nova launcher?

    What does the notification say?

    There might be something draining your battery but 1 day use with 4000mAh battery is quite normal if you use the phone throughout the entire day. Remember that this phone has a powerful SoC and display

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    It happens maybe every 3-4 days.

    I'm using Nova launcher from beginning.

    It says about any new information (news, message...). Its appear only sometimes, after device unlocking.

    I don't know if it is system or some app notification.

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    If you stop using Nova launcher, does the problem also happen?

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    I tested both launcher during the last week. This notification is showing randomly, but doesn't stuck sofar anymore.

    It's definitely some system message, because i turned off notifications for most of apps.

    I didn't find way how to turn off this annoying notification.

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    Thanks, It works. 👍️

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