Should I buy Zenfone 8 series smartphone or not(Request reply from people who have bought Zenfone 8)

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Hello everyone

I have zenfone 5z but I am planning to buy new smartphone.

So would like to know and request reply from all people in this forum who have experienced or bought zenfone 8 or 8 flip

My expectation is:-

  • smooth performance and clean OS without any ads.
  • good Amoled display with good refresh rate
  • headphone jack most likely
  • good audio quality
  • Good camera with decent night photography capabilities.
  • a full day battery life
  • lastly, durable build

So, does it stand in all those departments or should I buy some other smartphone like Rog 5 or samsung, oneplus etc

Kindly reply and suggest


  • I guess the Zenfone 8 ticks your boxes, depending on how intensively use your phone. Battery life is not super yet (I am a fairly light user and can squeeze out about 6 hours of SOT), but I expect it may improve after a few updates. I think it is the best 'small' phone currently on sale, but if you are also in for larger phones there is more competition.

  • The headphone out of my z8 can drive a full size Denon d5000 headphone well. Better than my old phone. It has decent output up until 150 Ohm, I tried.

    The others I won't comment as it depends on your previous experience in my opinion. I myself had a IPS panel phone before, and surprised how small the viewing angle on this OLED.

    You move a bit and white appears slightly more yellow or pink. It turns out it is common, but for me it was strange first.

  • Thankyou

    That helps me to decide whether to go donor or not.

  • Would be honest.Zenfone series have never disappointed me.

    Except for software hickups.all my Zenfone 2 and 5z has sustained and given me good service.

    Your suggestion would help me.

    Kindly let me know if the camera works and takes good shots or is there any disappointing things when it comes to Camera of Zenfone 8

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    I prefer the Zenfone camera over the Samsung S10e camera (photos look more natural), but I am not a very critical photographer. Most reviewers are quite favourable on the cam quality as well.

  • First Asus phone (i bought zenfone 8). I like the form factor a lot (i don't like big phones). Everything works good for me. But i am light user: some chatting, facebook and mostly browsing. So it is enough for full 2 days for me. Photo Camera is good.

    • smooth performance and clean OS without any ads. - Definitely yes. Almost stock android experience.
    • good Amoled display with good refresh rate. - It can go upto 120 refresh rate. Though it has lots of color deformity (just by tilting a phone a little bit the white color changes a lot). But i don't mind it much. Though i come from IPS, so it was surprise for me that it had almost no white color accuracy. Every other color of course is way better and crisp.
    • headphone jack most likely - Yes.
    • good audio quality - Perfect.
    • Good camera with decent night photography capabilities. - Yes. The camera is very capable.
    • a full day battery life - For me 2 full days.
    • lastly, durable build - I believe yes. But the back is glass and glass breaks 😁, though this phone comes with nice back case, so no worries. Also IP68 rating.

  • 1. Asus' Android takes the first place in my book dethroning the previous king, OxygenOS. It's blazing fast, smooth, has fully stock appearance, and a bunch of additional settings, most of them actually highly useful.

    2. The display isn't better or worse than that on a Galaxy A5 2017 and Pixel 3 that I owned previously, but it also gets really bright if you need it.

    3. Headphone jack is there.

    4. Nice audio quality out of the loudspeakers, and it's stereo thanks to the amplified earpiece, also extremely loud with maxed out volume, but unfortunately the headphone jack quality is noticeably inferior to my Hidizs AP80 hi-fi player when compared using KOSS KSC75 earphones and a mix of hi-fi and master quality tracks from Tidal.

    5. The camera isn't worse than that on the Pixel 3 when it comes to still images, but the video mode absolutely blew my mind with its incredible quality.

    6. I charge it every two days with a charge limit set to 90%, but I'm not a power user - I just use it for texting, emails, Twitter, occasional browsing and AI Dungeon.

    7. The build rivals the best players in the market, it's a solid monolithic brick, the aluminium frame feels like it's made of 7000 series aluminium, side buttons are nice and have a distinct crisp click to them.

    Bonus points for a notification LED and a programmable power button.

    It's a solid device made to satisfy a picky enthusiast, and it's very easy to recommend in good conscience.

  • Thankyou for replying

    That helps a lot in making decision

  • That's really good 2 days of battery life.

    That's what I am looking for.

    Any ideas if it has any Audio DAC?

    Thankyou for replying

    This helps me a lot

  • Great

    So apart from the audio 3.5 mm jack.

    Rest all got a good green ticks.

    I am really considering all the suggestions given here and it helps me to make a buying decision.

    Mostly what I could see are all good feedback.

    In case if there are a thing which is negative,kindly let me know.

    I have heard the device heats up a lot?Is it heating during normal usage like browsing web, listening to songs,taking some shots or video recording from camera etc.

  • I cannot make it 2 days with battery. One day is hard (between 2 / 3 hours sot). Screen 60hz. Mostly wifi.

    I really hope this improves with future updates.

  • is your usage too much with phone

    Or is there an issue/bug?Has Asus acknowledged it

    kindly reply

    because most others who have replied are getting 2 days

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    I'm not getting 2 days of use. I'm light user, mostly browsing and reading news.

  • Hi German

    Thanks for your feedback and reply

    Is there a bug for battery life been not up to mark

    Has Asus acknowledged it?

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    My first charge was yesterday 17h30 (limited to 80%).

    From then (17h ago) i had numerous app updates, settings, 3,5h screen on time, and my battery level is 36%.

    Discharge curve is nearly flat when screen is off.

    Mobile only, with very good coverage (tower is 200m away).

  • That's looks good

    How is the camera? Any bugs or heating issue observed

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    Didn't try camera for the moment, sorry.

    Heating was quite limited during initial setup, updates, nothing annoying.

  • Regarding the heating up - it did heat up a couple times in one specific application, Flamingo for Twitter, when I recursively opened user profiles from other users' pages thus keeping all the pages (around 10 picture feeds layered one on top of another) in the background. Even then it was barely warmer than my previous Pixel 3 during a similar workload.

    That said, the phone lets you manually select how much it's supposed to heat up before throttling the CPU, you can pick low heat output and not experience it as much. I'm keeping mine at medium.

  • Last but not the least

    How are photo shot from zenfone 8 camera stands up to.

    Is it able to capture good photo with nad without human subject and also is night photography good.

    Please do reply once you see my message

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