Replace zoom s battery

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Is it corret if i want to change the battery of my zoom s, the phone should be leave in the service center until the battery came to the service center?

It takes about 5 days said customer service.

The problem is why should i leave my phone that still running well, i just want to replace my battery.



  • Please ask them to order battery for you by making some advance payment, and tell them to inform you when battery arrives at there service centre for the repacement. And than you can take your device to service centre for replacement.

    I did this with my Zenfone 5z battery replacement. And my experience was very hassle free i got replacement within half hour in india.


  • I've already told them about it. But still they wont do that, they said that it was their procedure and cann't take any payment before its done.

    They wont order the battery without take my zoom s for several days.

  • I think service centres are to decide about the procedures. so if they are not ready to agree with your request than there is no any option than to submit your device to service centre and wait for the few days until replacement is made.


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