PUBG lagging while recording.

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I have ROG 5 and I bought it for my YouTube channel but It can't screen record. When I bought it, after 2-3 days it started lagging. When I play PUBG while recording the fps is stuttering between 30-40 FPS and I looked up some post's about this but all they said was to clear the cache of game genie and the screen recorder, but I don't see the option at all in settings. And sometimes PUBG lags while not even recording.


  • That's for many reasons

    Bad boosting behaviour

    Screen recording being demanding at

    And pubvbeing unoptimised for the 888 phones,specifically rog 5

    Do u use xmode+ when recording?

  • No, no I don't but If I do the lag gets decreased a bit.

  • Hi sharmaishant204,

    Can you confirm if the same happens on other games?

    Also, please make sure you are on the latest software version which is .47 if not, you can check by

    Go to setting => System => About => Software information.

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    I am also facing the same isuue.I am a competative player in pubgm I previously had rog2 That phone performed well.But I purchased rog 5 on 25 may and found its frame drops to 33FPS and average cpu usage is between 30-40%.And gpu 9-15% even in x mode on.For this I do purchased the cooler and nothing changed even tried to reset the phone.Cpu didn't go to 50% even.And they call it the best gaming phone.

    Asus should be shamed for this type of OTA updates even the frequency slowed down to 1.56Ghz if the temperature is above 38 and that is what Normal temperature for every smart phone and they claim they had sustainable performance.

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