suggestion/request for improvement of the camera application

daveantonindaveantonin Level 1
edited May 31 in ZenFone 8

Can you please implement the following features in the camera application? 

  • possibility to select the function of holding down the shutter button - video/sequential shooting
  • take a photo by long-pressing the power button from lock screen
  • Fix saving photos in sequential shooting so that they display correctly in Google photos. Now all photos are displayed individually instead of in sequence, which is very unclear. 
  • Sequential shooting in RAW/64Mp
  • HDR video recording with 10b colors

Thank you for implementing at least some features that will improve the experience of this great device. 


  • bert48bert48 Level 1

    Nice additions. What I really mis is:

    Using a hand guesture in front of the camera to release it (= take a picture).

    (is this maybe patented by Samsung?)

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