ROG Phone 3 hasn't gotten any updates since May 2020

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Edit: I have included hardware version screenshot as well.

So I recently bought the phone it's been 2 weeks. I bought it brand new, and am the first owner. I have included the software version and build number in the screenshots. Can someone tell me why I've never received any updates as the phone came with the May 2020 security patch.. and none after that? Everytime I check for updates it says I'm on the latest version. Yet I see other users with newer security patches from 2021 while mine is stuck at may 1st 2020.

Please help, how can I update my phone?

Also what variant do I have? Is mine the global version, Chinese version, etc?


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    Does your phone say "Tencent Games" on the back? If so, it's the Chinese model flashed with the worldwide ROM. Unfortunately, it won't be able to get OTA updates. However, I do believe you can still manually update it by downloading the updates from Asus's support site.

    While you can get the Chinese variants A LOT cheaper than the international variants... there are issues in doing so, like this.

  • Hey no it doesn't say tencent games in the back.. I don't think it's the tencent version.

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    Thanks. If it says "Republic of Gamers" on the back, then it should be one of the international variants, and should be able to get OTA updates. Strange.

    I would suggest downloading CPU-Z (or other such apps) and find out exactly which model you have. For example, my phone is model ASUS-I003D.

    Either way, you can still manually update your phone.

  • Hey I have the same model as you, and yea I updated manually to the latest version. Is OTA gonna work now or I still have to manually update Everytime?

  • @zarifryan94 The fact that you did not receive any FOTA notification makes me suspect your device was flashed by your reseller prior to you buying it. Did you purchase the phone from a trusted/official reseller?

    I'll send you a PM with a couple of follow-up questions regarding your unit.

  • I would've suspected that but I bought it from a trusted source here in Bangladesh and I was the one to take off the plastic sealing from the box.. anyways I messaged you with my seriel number and both of my IMEI numbers. Please get back to me as soon as possible as I'd like to know the reason as well because it's not the tencent edition so it doesn't make sense.

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    @zarifryan94 I answered you via PM but I might as well give an update here in the thread for others to read.

    I was able to verify that you have indeed been sold a unit intended for the Chinese market, that has been rooted and flashed with global firmware. Some resellers will note this in the fine print while others won't. Always make sure that you know what you are buying before committing to a purchase.

    I strongly recommend that you contact your reseller about this, as this is not a configuration we are selling and we can't guarantee that it will function properly.

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