Pattern unlocker issue

czinege.tamasczinege.tamas Level 1
edited July 2021 in ZenFone 8

Sometimes I experience that I cannot unlock the phone (using pattern unlock) with one hand. I press the power button, than it says swipe upwards to bring up the pattern unlocker. This is where sometimes the phone does not follows my finger command. Usually its enough to swipe upwards like only on one third of the screen to bring the unlocker visible.

However in some cases even tough I draw my finger on the display upwards, the phone is following it with quite a delay (so one third of the screen swipe is way not enoung, you have to continue the swiping motion) and I have to swipe my finger from all the way down from the bottom up until the very top of the screen so that the phone to finally display the pattern unlocker. Obviously to do such a big swipe this you cannot do with one hand, you have to hold the phone with the other.

I am not using any screen protector or foil on the screen.

Could you fix this, please?


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