FOTA update

When will ASUS release a proper update for The ROG 3. ENOUGH tit-bits and minor bug fixes. Its a premium segment phone but post sales support is disgusting.

No new features, no proper fixes for the biggest issues.. no camera improvement updates ever..nothing... Each year they do this.

They invest heavily in marketing their new products and forget about it when next product is released.

Even security patches are being rolled out every 4/5 months. 4/5 MONTHS !!!


  • The camera software and image processing is absolute top tier. Not sure what you have been smoking but the only 2 phones that have similair or better image processing and camera software is P40pro/mate40pro and Sony 1 II.

    And they are heavily working on A11, why waste precious time working on A10 if A11 is around the corner? Beta is quite far and stable release should be soon.

  • Thanks for your feedback. we're actively working on both the beta program for ROG Phone 3 as well as new FOTA updates for the stable release.

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