Bluetooth audio issues ( mostly Qualcomm TWS+)

TobTob Level 1
edited June 2021 in ZenFone 8

I'm facing some major issues relating to True Wireless earbuds (namely the Cambridge Audio Melomania touch). Firs the 2 minor issues:

1) I can't remove the earbud battery life notification when they're connected via bluetooth

2) I can't disable DIRAC/Scenario effects when connecting bluetooth headphones, not a huge issue, I just don't want any influence on the sound from my phone when using bluetooth.

The other issues are mostly related to Qualcomm's TWS+ feature, most phones don't have this feature, so my earbuds works fine with the older APTX master/slave connection.

But since the Zenfone 8 got TWS+ I'm facing many issues, I can't seem to disable it either in the developer menu. It mostly comes down to Bluetooth volume control...

3) With Bluetooth volume control set to "independent volume" I experience connection issues, both earbuds wont stay connected

4) When Bluetooth Volume control is set to "Absolute Volume" I experience volume bug (the volume goes up and down constantly), I recorded it with the screen recorder.

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