More control over postprocessing would be a good addition

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I like how making photos feels with this phone. Don't get me wrong - the postprocessing produces photos that are on a level of artwork in total. For some it's great, for some less. I like that the photos look very vibrant, just like my memories. On some rare occasions I'd like more control. You could say I should use RAW+JPG, but then I can't zoom or anything and there some other limitations.

Now, a few suggestions:

  1. Noise reduction is too aggressive. I can live with it, but I'd like to set it to 50% for personal preference. Noise is an inherent part of life, no need to go overboard with reduction. Some detail in the faces is lost even if the face beautifier is disabled, for example.
  2. I'd like to set color vibrance to 75%, but 100% is also OK, because the photos look how the memories feel.

That's not much. Overall I'm still having fun with this device.


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    It's not only RAW. It's also because it captures in 64MP and this doesn't allow zooming. Our devs concern about zooming with 64MP is that it doesn't improve image quality. When zooming with 12MP it will use 64MP to capture a zoomed/cropped 12MP image which means less degradation. But I understand that you want zoom so you don't need to crop afterwards. Zooming with RAW has some processing issues. If you want this mode just to turn off processing, then you will get almost the same result if you use disable "optimization" in the Pro mode settings.

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