Read before posting - Ideas for Next is back!

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Ideas for Next is back! We sincerely invite you to provide your best ideas and suggestions for our ASUS smartphone products to make them better than ever!

Before you start submitting your ideas, please read through the ground rules of this forum section.

📱Focus on smartphone suggestions

We will focus on smartphone-related suggestions for now. Suggestions for other ASUS product lines are currently not accepted.

👍️Upvote/Downvote mechanism

In the thread list of "Ideas for Next" section, you will notice a number in front of each post. If you agree with an idea and wish to see it added in the future, you can upvote it. Otherwise, you can downvote it. You can also give the reason for your approval or disapproval.

The more upvotes, the higher the priority of processing! Conversely, ideas that only garner a couple of upvotes will not be considered.

🔔 What is the meaning of idea status?

  •   Active: Waiting for your upvote/downvote
  •   Already Offered: The feature exists
  •   Declined: Not accepted
  •   Completed: The idea is completed
  •   In process: The idea is in process
  •   In review: We are reviewing the idea

⛔️Ideas we won't accept

  • Suggestions not related to our smartphone product lines.
  • Suggestions on hardware specifications for future products. Please focus on software features.
  • Suggestions for retired projects.

If your idea meets one of the criteria above , we will close the thread and change its status to "Not accepted".

🔇Post closed

If an idea doesn't get any comments for a long time, the system will automatically close it. If the number of upvotes is not high enough, we will also change the status of the idea to "Not Accepted".

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