All's quiet on the April update? Just a FYI bi-monthly schedule is acceptable given Rog 5 release.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

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  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
    edited April 30

    Isn't rog 3 on March patch right now?

    Rog doesn't get monthly otas it's mostly bimonthly to every two months (sometimes a little more)

    Plus they're working on R3 A11 right now so dunno if they'll push another update for android 10


    no phone 3 is still on Feb

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    Even my ROG 3 is on Feb 2021 patch. When did others get March patch?

  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4

    Everyone is on Feb

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5

    Ah then android 11 is on March I guess

    Now and update on android 10 depends on how far they are in their beta program

    If A11 is near they probably won't push another update to A10 if not they can push another bug fix/security patch for those android 10

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5

    Btw Rog 2 is on March patch tho but not a11 beta for them "yet"

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5

    One more thing I recall is Rog 3 got February patch in March

    Asus won't always push the latest available patch of that month sometimes it's of last month (this happens more on Rog lineup than Zenfone though)

    If you see build date of builds then it's before comapared to the date it's pushed that means that they test everything internally for a while before pushing OTAs

  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4

    Yes , in case of rog 3 , they always do internal testing

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5

    Yeah they mostly do it on all phones but with Rog extra work is required probably

    That's why mostly last month's security patch

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    It’s already may, hopefully we will see And 11 along with April/May patch by this monthend.

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    It has been almost 2 months of beta testing with 2 versions of beta. Not sure when can we see final version. Anyone having an idea about it?

  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4

    @Anders_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS any info about fota , its A11 now or any incremental update in A10 ?

    And i found a bug a zentalk and its here for a long time , once we tag someone , we cannot untag wlthen until we reload whole page

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    Hopefully by may end we should see andriod 11 stable along with security updates

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    April update is received but however apps are getting crashed after we use it for sometime. Has anyone faced the issue and is there any solution for this.

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