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I was wondering if this is normal for the Rog phone 5.

So, just by Web browsing, using YouTube & WhatsApp, the phone temperature reaches 38 degrees celcius. Is this actually normal for such light usage? Brightness is at 50% or less & volume is 50%.

In comparison with my huawei p40 pro plus, the huawei reaches a maximum of 22 degrees celcius with the exact same usage. I use the phones in the same room so room temperature isn't the issue here.

Moving onto gaming, playing call of duty with 50% brightness and max settings, the Rog 5 reaches 46 degrees celcius & becomes extremely uncomfortable to touch. With the same settings and environment, the huawei reaches maximum 33degrees celcius.

Genshin Impact with max settings makes the Rog 5 reach slightly over 60 degrees 😒 60 degrees is too hot and I have to put the phone down and lower the settings. The huawei reaches 41 degrees maximum with Genshin at highest settings.

I find this very concerning. Surely these high temps can't be good for the long run. I bought the rog 5 brand new and have bought all the rog phones. None of the previous rog phones had such high temperatures. With the games, I can sort of understand but even 60 degrees is pushing it. But with light usage such as youtube and Web browsing, 38 degrees Celsius is quite concerning.

I appreciate that the rog 5 is a new phone. Dear Asus, are you planning to sort out this heating issue with any software updates? Is this something you're looking into?

As mentioned, I do like the Rog Phones and really don't want to sell mine. The rog is basically the perfect phone except for the heating. If you are working on a solution for this then I'll happily wait for it 🙂

If this is something that can't be fixed and I assume most of it is down to Qualcomm's laziness with the Snapdragon 888, then please let us know if its something which is out of your control so we can decide wether to keep the Rog 5 or not. After all, a hot phone is mostly never a good sign. I will say though, the Snapdragon 888 is a very problematic Chipset as many other phones with this Chipset are getting very hot (but not as hot as the Rog 5).

So, are you planning to fix this issue, are you looking into it? Or is this issue something which can't be fixed with software updates?

Look forward to hearing from you



  • I was going to say 38 C is nothing to worry about but after reading further down your post 60 C is something that should concern you . I would be contacting the seller you purchased it from ASAP any temperature that makes the phone uncomfortable to hold/ touch is not right regardless of whether you are using the cooling system or not

  • 60 is too much, unless you are playing under the sun then that might be possible. In room temperature then definitely no.

  • I already made a video about all the problems with the rog5 but let me explain why your huawei is actually hotter and why the 38c isnt a problem, however the 60c is a problem.

    The temperature you keep talking about is the system temperature. This temperature sensor tells you what ambient temperature the phone is running at. The Rog5 is much better at transfering heat from the SoC to the screen and back of the phone. If you run genshin impact your SoC will run well above 100c and start throttling in no time when using your Huawei, however the Rog5 is much better at transfering heat to the phone body, which will make the phone feel much hotter to the touch. So when you play genshin impact, the Rog5 will still have well above 100c but it takes the phone longer get there, sadly ASUS has fked up the back part and there is a bottleneck which causes the phone to not be able to dissapate the heat fast enough, hence even with the best cooler on the market which is the black shark one, the rog5 will still reach above 100c and throttle even if system temps are as low as 30c on ambient temperature. So overall in terms of the chips on the phone 60c is absolutely nothing, however...

    Having a 60c ambient temperature is not good at all for the battery health of the phone. The max operating temperature of li ion battery is exacly 60c on discharge. If you already reach around 60c on ambient temps, it's safe to say that the battery is more than likely slightly hotter, which will cause more rapid degradation over time. I would strongly recommend using the cooler from ASUS or any other 3rd party cooler to keep the ambient temp lower if you value your battery life.

  • Thanks for the reply. So, having a temperature of 38degrees while web browsing and using YouTube is normal? But why is my huawei at 22degrees with same usage? This is what I don't understand, how and why the rog 5 sits at 38 while the huawei sits at 22 with similar usage

  • as I explained, because the huawei has a bad cooling solution, it cannot effectively transfer heat from the chips to the phone. This is also why you see very bad performance on games like genshin imapct because it internally cooks itself.

  • So wait,60 degrees is bad for the battery?

    But I game always on 46c ambient temps and on genshin impact 53c max,have I already fked up my rog 3's battery? Or I'm still in the clear?

    I can't begin to imagine how the battery feels inside the rog 5

  • If your device temperature is below 50 , you are all good, even at above 50 i wont damage the battery but its a point where you should let it cool

    What i mean by wont damage battery means its not the harm limit but always no matter what you do , battery is getting hit and its life will get less this is how batteries works , its just over 55c or around , battery degradation happens at faster rate than usual

    Below 50c you are good , above 50 you should be careful , above 55c (60c is degradation point but its safe to stay below high limits) its dangerous for battery

    I m in India soo my Ambient is 45c now days so even while using whatsapp, my phone goes to 40-45c but i make sure not to do gaming until i get back home or place where ambient is on lower side

    Hope you get an idea how batteries works

  • as saifuddin was explaining, while mid 50s is around a "warm" point its still within operation temperature, however 60 is degradation point.

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    What's your ambient temperature by the way ?

    And 60 degrees is the temperature for the cpu?

    My 845 cpu idles around 42-43 mostly during usage with gaming it easily touches 50+ upto 60 maybe while gaming and that's just at 30 fps + medium settings on genshin impact

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    hi, i have this same probolem... my rog phone is also hot in genshin 60 degree on max detal and 60fps...

  • Software update fixed this issue but now I've got more problems. Asus is unpredictable and somewhat sh**

  • I fail to see how software update fixes this unless they went even harder on throttlemode which is already pathehic as the rog5 is the slowest gaming phone 2021 due to throttling.

  • It fixed the temperature but now I have more issues check my recent thread

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