.75 Update

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YouTube 19Hrs WTF, latest update actually not that bad.


  • It is too soon to say something about this update. Yeah, battery life seems better, but we'll wait and see how it will be in 2 - 3 weeks.

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    If your battery status is correct I would say bloody brilliant. 4 days and still 9 hours left?

  • My opinion for battery life on .75;

    It is exactly same, nothing changed. A10 still way worse than A9 in terms of battery life. It only seemed to be better first couple of days, but now I can clearly tell that this is a typical A10 firmware update that has nothing to do with high battery consumption of A10 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I agree. I updated to .75 two days ago. Battery life feels about the same.

    One thing that I would like to note though. I always rebuilt ART every week by running the command below. Usually, it takes only a few minute.

    su -c "cmd package bg-dexopt-job"

    After updating to .75, I rebuilt ART and it took nearly 30min. I rebuilt ART, again, soon after. And this time, it only took about 10min.

    I think you should rebuilt ART after every update so that Android does not need to compile apps at runtime. This should save battery.

  • how are you guys getting such battery life. There are so many people getting very poor battery life

  • More like people with varied usage

    Battery life is an very varied thing some might get great sot some not that good depends on usage,if some rogue app is using up battery in bg, sometimes google goes haywire android system consumes a lot of battery (a possible fix is clearing data of google play services),the network reception (the bad the reception more power it will consume),wifi users will obv get better sot etc

  • @Aryan202 okay.

  • There was reddit post that gives back your battery life. It uses a very traditional method for resetting your battery charge head room.


    This was the post. Followed well enough and get my battery from 100% 4800mAh to 100% 5400mAh

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