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Will These Phones or

ROG-LESS Phones be Released in

USA this (2021)YEAR ?

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  • I won't be able to disclose any unofficial information so there's no point asking. Sorry

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    Mr.Anders,Can You comment on

    Why Asus is only focusing on

    Gaming (ROG 1,2, 3 & 5 ) Phones

    In ASUS USA Website & ZenFone 7 or newer Or

    Older are

    never mentioned .

    It Looks like Asus only wants to

    Release Gaming phones only as Previously released Phones are OMITED from Asus USA Website .

    I Googled Asus ZENFONE 4 PRO search on Asus/ USA Website =Not Found!!?? I purchased Phone in USA In 2018 .

    Also I noticed That ASUS Has No MOBILE (Cellular) USA

    Brick & Mortar Reseller Stores now in 2021. ASUS Global keeps Mentioning "BEST BUY " as a USA Reseller for ASUS Unlocked Phones.

    But "Best Buy" only sells Asus Desktop Computers,Laptops ,Computer Monitors & Misc. Computer related Merchandise.

    Will ASUS ever have A Mobile(CELLULAR) Representation footprint in USA in Future Retail ?

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