Color shift when switching to 90hz

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Hi guys!

Did any of you notice a change in color when shifting to 90hz?


  • Yes, I noticed this problem occurs yesterday for the first time, when switching between screen refresh rates, the screen brightness drops to the last for no reason !!!!!

  • Yes, they are different on a hardware level so it's close to impossible make 60hz and 90hz identical.

  • Hello,

    I started noticing a similar color cahnge behavior lately, when using google products...(maps and chrome to be more specific). I am alwqys on 90hz and splendid is set to cinematic in order not to have that blue tinting but lately on A10 once I start maps or chrome I see it suddently goes to a bluesh tint. Is thins only on my device ir a general issue? Does thic come from google or Asus?

  • Here is an example video. As I said always on 90Hz, opened google maos, each time a press the navigation pill the color switches to a blueish tint. After releasing the pill back to normal. Sometimes it happens also on chrome , but by simply opening it and not pressing anythign

  • My device does that too, so it's a general thing, I hope that with the next update asus can fix this

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    Mine is different than the other thread. Looks like a greenish gradient going from the top of the screen when using 90 Hz.

    It doesn't show up great on video, I couldn't make it obvious. I'll need to try with a different camera.

  • That greenish tint is somehow normal on ZF7. Most of the user have it and it can be only seen with dark android themes. ( There were a lot if posts here about it and @Anders_ASUS said that it was normal on samsung panels, but if you think it is too much you can send your device in service for checks...).

    I actually think it is a combination of panel and android cause if you open a black picture on full screen you will not notice any green. At least for me it is so...but if I open any black screen from android (like messages or discovery panel) I also see it. So I don't think it will ve fixed. A good thing is that I think google calibrated it on A11 since I didn't notice it that much on A11 update...

    Hope this helps you!

  • Just had the A11 update today and it's not better. I also tried just a grey image and it's the same as in the apps. I think I'll have to send it in and hope for the best.

    Just a note o the test you did with the image. It will not show on completely black background, the pixels go off there. Google apps are very dark grey. That's why it's not visible in settings for example. Try a dark grey image.

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    I actually tried 3 different Zenfone 7 Pros because nobody could tell me that this is just how 90Hz works. So much time wasted on my side. At least I'll keep the 3rd now.

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    It's a bug. I reported this issue in the Taiwanese forum and it's being looked at.

    The Asus reps in the English forum are useless because they cannot communicate with the developers in Taiwan and will make up arbitrary reasons to make you believe it's by design.

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    Can you bring up the forced usage of the wide angle lens in third party apps with them please?

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    Seems like a global ignore then :/

    Well done Asus.

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