The only flaw of the Rog3, but lets stop calling it wrong alright?

DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
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Arguably the only real flaw present in our beloved rog3 phones is clearly the color banding issue we have, where we get pixelation in darker scenes. Black crush is basicially something any OLED phone has where the blacks are getting "crushed" and details are gone. So whenever you talk about pixalation, refer to it as color banding and not black crush. I'm aware I've been misusing the black crush term myself but now I'm starting to spread awareness that what we are talking about is not black crush but color banding, I think this is important so that the confusion about the term will stop happening.

Also don't hate on the devs. Remember they are a small team that tries to fix all phones, it's not their decision to push out a new phone or work on another phone.


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