Asus rog 2 Android 11 update Date..??

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  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    There is no date officially as it isn't announced yet whether we will get the update or not. Therefore, please standby.

  • gsanchezgsanchez Level 2

    We do not have bimonthly security updates anymore, do you really think Asus will release Android 11 to older (and, by the way, dead) devices?

  • I agree $1000 phone 512gb storage & 12GB ram next to worthless in a yr or so. Not buying something they don't want to support for the price.

    Most don't or won't function properly as a phone because of lack of volte or vowifi support. I'm waiting on at&t support. Yet you can do mods to get it, but don't want to risk Causing battery drain or bricking a $1000 entirely.

    Asus would do better to support phones such as this 3-5+ yrs minimum. The battery & performance is still much more than many. Yet a $100 samsung phone gets consistent updates. Also need to wait 2-3 yrs to release a upgraded version.

  • MelquiMelqui Level 3

    Want A11, Buy ROG 5 LOL

  • MelquiMelqui Level 3

    Or install OminiROM (Android 11) released before Asus!

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5

    Just an FYI omni rom developer micky got the phone from Asus under developer program

    So yes indirectly Asus did have a part to play in that

    Developers don't generally buy gaming devices let alone costly ones such as rog plus most don't have proper carrier support in their regions so there's that

  • MelquiMelqui Level 3

    Waiting Asus developers works.

  • India220India220 Level 2
    edited March 21

    Becuz developer don't want to waste money on these product. Like we all ROG 2 users had done. I also saw you and 1 more user keep defending Asus in Rog2/Rog3/ Rog5 forum. Are you getting free mobiles for review ?? Becuz we paid that's why we asking for software support.

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5

    Developers don't buy a gaming phone for multiple reasons with one being an complex device and difficulty in porting many features like air triggers etc plus I doubt they can just port all Asus proprietary stuff

    Hence the developer program,there are some devs who got the devices and are genuinely interested in getting the phones developer program is a push in that direction and some do buy devices by themselves if they liked it :)

    Generally the budget Xiaomi devices are popular among devs cos of it being cost effective and having a larger userbase

  • ImShreyImShrey Level 3


    Developer program is flop, We don't have any better after market support for asus. Onlu couple of stable roms. Even Gcam mods are hard to come by and are just cross ports of Zenfone 7. As many devs don't have Rog 2. Like wichaya.

    Also, if asus wanted to support after market development, then they should have Made available thier libraries and binaries to those devs. So that we can have triggers and aura led and other stuff working as expected.

    You can share binaries without sharing source code, that's how many Sony and Qcom dependancies or even gcam mods get ported. You can used another layer of customisations on top of them. But can't touch underlying source.

  • Hi shovik,

    Update related info will be shared or announced as and when ready. Appreciate your patience. Stay tuned.

  • vinayyvinayy Level 1

    when will android 11 release for asus rog 2 .

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