Zenfone 5z stop charging at around 82~86%

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  1. Model Name: Zenfone 5z
  2. Firmware Version: latest system updates. Android 10.
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Starting from yesterday until now

There was no recent system update in the past month, afaik.

Yesterday when I was charging my phone, the charging suddenly stopped. Then, it went back on and off a few times in the span of a few seconds, for a couple of times, until it fully stopped, at around 86% battery. It never happened before.

I thought something was broken so I switched to another charging cable, then a different charger, then a different charger in another room, and last a portable battery charger. It worked sometimes and most of the time it just ignored the charging cable.

After a full day of testing, I have the following results:

  • If a charging stop, it won't come back soon.
  • The lower the charge on the battery, the better the chance that it would start charging.
  • If the phone starts charging, it will charge all the way to 8x% and then stops.


  • Is this a battery care thing? The battery care setting on my phone has nothing but a time setting. And, battery care wasn't even turned on.
  • Is this a charger issue? should I just take it back to the repair shop, the sixth time in 3 years? Last 5 times I was there, they were mostly about a No Network Connection problem.
  • Or the battery is just dying?

My warranty has expired. I want to get an idea about the problem before making the decision of sending it to the repair shop or just buy a new one.



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