February Security Patch ?????????????

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Can any Asus moderator give me the information if there will be a February 2021 Security Patch update for the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2? Right now I have Android 9 with version .105 and the Security Patch from last year 2020. I will give you an example of what it is like to work seriously for the client.

Just yesterday, my wife's phone, a Huwaei P20 Lite received an update with the February 2021 Security Patch for Android 9 and this phone model is more than two years old, is from March 2018. Asus gives us nothing and the last Security Patch is from 2020, SHAME this ASUS brand.


  • I can not have a simple answer? Thank you ASUS !!!

  • Hello, can I have an answer just to the question if the Zenfone Max Pro M2 will have an update to the security patch? the last one is from November 2020 and can I know if support for this model is over? That's all I ask to get a sense of what is currently going on with this model.

  • I posted this in 11th March, until now not a simple answer. At least will you give us Security Patch update?

  • Hi yo123620

    Thank you for your asking. For any update related question, please stay tuned with our social media channels or visit our Asus support website.

    #ZB631KL Firmware Spot_Asus Support 


    Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

  • Thank you for the answer Christine_ASUS.

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    Is it possible to say directly whether the Zenfone Max PRO M1 and M2 will receive a Security Patch update? is that both phones have a version from last year, 2020, it’s super late. I'm not asking for an Android update, yes, Security Patch update, or is the support for this phone gone for good? Speak openly and explain please, talk to customers.

  • DeannnnnDeannnnn Level 2

    Both models are not supported anymore. They just can’t say that directly, I doubt any big corp will.

  • yo123620yo123620 Level 2

    Unfortunately this is ASUS, total silence and never saying anything to the customer.


  • My company has blocked me from using this phone for official work as it does not have the security update.

    I'm never going to buy ASUS again.

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