When will ASUS ROG 3 get Android 11 update

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Dear Asus,

I am a big fan of ASUS since 2015,

The first mobile I used is ASUS ZENFONE 5,

The second one is ASUS ZENFONE 2,

The Third one is ASUS ZENFONE MAX PRO M1,

Now I am using ASUS ROG PHONE 3 my concern is when will I get Android 11 update and security update every month???...


  • gugulgugul Level 2

    No ETAs as of now. Neither for the next FOTA nor for the beta program for android 11. It's only known that 'soon' we're going to have that. The internal beta is going on that I can tell you certainly, because if you'll click on the profile of "Titan ASUS", you can see that he has got the tag "ZS661KS BETA TESTER" which confirms that he has received the update,but I didn't see that tag in any other moderator's profile. So, let's see when it gets released. Sometimes I even speculate, we might direct get the stable version of Android 11. (Just my assumption)

  • Hi Charan,

    Thanks for being a such a great fan of ASUS. As gugul mentioned and picking up on few points, Android 11 for ROG Phone 3 is under evaluation the timeline should soon be shared.

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    After the ROG phone 5 got released.

  • Debasish SahooDebasish Sahoo Level 3
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  • Can't understand why Asus is waiting Rog 5 release for A11 testing on Rog3 beta?

    None of OME never hold on A11 release on flagship device. Always Asus wanted user keep waiting too long to Android each flagship device.

    After Zenfone 4 return back to Rog 3 but it's biggest mistakes going forward will go to pixel this much cost

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