Is my phone still good?

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I own this phone almost a year now and still kicking. I open Genshin Impact on my phone just to convert to "Condense Resin" and other's are Reading Manga, Watching V-Tubers, FB, Messenger and Reddit. I don't know if my phone battery whether is good or not. The only problem I encountered is using Voice Chat on Discord.

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My Phone

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  • Also I uninstall unnecessary apps (Netflix, Instagram, etc..), Turn OFF All App Notifications, Uncheck All Apps from Auto-Start and always in Battery Saver Mode.

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    Looking good.

    Facebook, Instagram one of the battery eating/draining apps. If you can live without Facebook or Instagram, you can potentially get good battery life. So for you, you did the right thing and turn off anything you don't use.

    PS - Loving the backcover sticker!

  • That's clean too like mine.

    Looks like we won the silicon lottery? (Hardware only)

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