Where is Feb Security Update and BiMonthly OTA? Why late?

Rog 2, 8/128gb, WW 0.65, Non rooted.

It's been more than two months since last update in Mid December, which in itself was 2-3weeks late. And till now we don't have this month's or precisely January's security update and OTA?

Is rog 2 to dead now?



  • They focusing on Rog 5 launch and yes Rog 2 dead now for dev

  • Sad!! Such a beast being ignored/neglected.

  • We need to let everyone know about how asus treats RoG series as " #PseudoFlagship "

    I would urge everyone to spread awareness about these misdeeds of Asus on twitter during 10th March's launch event of RoG 5.

  • Hi shreyashshah16,

    The update is released as and when ready. Also there is no fix date when the update arrives when you say its 2 week late. Whenever the update is rolled out, the latest possible security patch is made available.

    Thanks for the support and understanding. The update will be rolled out depending on the stability.

  • We never asked to a fixed date for updates. All we want is... the updates! Simple as that.

  • Marketing material and product page of rog mentioned BiMonthly security updates.

    Even Asus india Head (Dinesh Sharma) had confirmed the same last year in an interview.


    After the 2 month time frame last update should have been dropped in in November, say last day of nov 30th, but when did it actually dropped? DECEMBER! Now due to that We didn't get Jan update so February may be?😑 Nope, don't think so.

    That's it, I rest my case.

  • So are we still going to get security updates at all? I only ask as I probably won't keep this phone if it doesn't anymore I really like my rog 2 and don't want to have to get rid of it but security is important to me maybe @Gustav_ASUS has some info?

  • ROG 2 is dead in the water. Same fate as ROG 1.

    Expect a repeat for 3.

  • Next time, No Asus. Pathetic software support!!

  • Even other brand midrange got good software support and timely updates , asus is still running old forumala after lunching new phone they focus of old phone that's also an 30 mb update useless waste of money

  • If I knew that ROG Phone 1 will only get 1 android update, I wouldn't buy ROG Phone 2. My next phone will not be a Rog Phone and Asus, if they won't give proper support and "at least" 2 updates to ROG Phone 2.

    edited March 2021

    No actual fix for issue. Data connection is not consistent/stable. Gaming phone that will rely on wifi?. Other phones can have stable data connection same place. but this gaming phone cannot handle it? LMAO. They wont incorporate features that are in the new series that is still helpful with us. IE auto frame rate. Bypass charging. and i think it can be use in older version. Same issue happening in ROG 3 still motherboard issue. High Temp( due to glass back panel and hardware design). Power IC getting busted, Charging port not charging, Boot loop. auto shutdown. Very disposable unit. Support is not doing its job to optimize the phone. Software and hardware is busted. sad day for a ROG fan boy realization.. Do they even study the issue that is happening in their phone?. they also recommend not to play too much.. IT IS A GAMING PHONE. my old S9 before can handle 24/7 gaming without getting busted(motherboard issue). yes maybe it throttles. but it is doing its job properly.. comapring AEROCOOLER FAN and the BLACKSHARK fun cooler.. who has a legit cooling the fun cooler has a legit temp cooling function than the ROG aerocooler. If you touch the thermal pad of both cooler you'll really see who is doing its job. case that they offer doesn't protect the phone. LMAO

  • pakdhwpakdhw Level 1

    Terrible Software Experience Support I even seen on Smartphone Brand

  • Rog 2 dead mate! Its been 90 days since last update.

    And all we will be getting is, 150-200mb update that doesn't fix all things . Don't know what century it will drop in but one thing for sure, after than next security update will drop after android 28 is released 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂

    Rog is a joke of a series. I can just laugh at people who will buy Rog 5.

  • RoG = Republic of GoToHell😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Asus logic!

  • VampVamp Level 3

    There is nothing else much left now... RoG 5 will stop getting updates after 12-14 months. Every tech reviewers will appreciate the current UI and software like it's near stock, they will use it for a month or two, and in first 4-5 months updates are on point. Afterwords they stop giving monthly updates and tech reviewers will stop using RoG because of 🤬🤬🤬 cameras.

    And then regular consumer like us will regret buying RoG.

    Some fanboy then say things like it's okay to get poor updates because it's a gaming phone and blah blah blah and company reps "mods" will become non existential and come in say things like this:

    "The update is released as and when ready. Also there is no fix date when the update arrives when you say its 2 week late. Whenever the update is rolled out, the latest possible security patch is made available."

    They are literally saying go to hell you ain't getting any more updates.

    They don't have fixed dates no deadlines, What? How? Why they are existing, do they even have a team of developers or it's just a single geeky nerd doing everything that they can't manage 5 devices at a time.

    And we all know how stable the updates are so saying things like "The update will be rolled out depending on the stability” means never from there side.

    They clearly seems to have incompetent software developers and might be lacking software developers.

  • Nope!

    It seems theu posted the thread in wrong forum. Its supposed to be ZenFone 6.

    You can see the build number is s


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