Don't buy ROG 5

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not:
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Don't buy ROG 5 as we are already suffering with ROG 3 with issues and update delays. So if we buy ROG 5 we will have same fate



  • Am going to update to Either iPhone or Samsung for better support

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    You don't get a say for everyone to be honest

    That's all I'm going to say :D

    There are many content with their purchase and interested to buy a rog 5

    The fact that it has an high end ESS dac is enough to convince the audiophiles,not many phones comes with a top tier dac now that lg smartphone division is dead (they has the same dac on V series)

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    Feel free to get whatever you wanna buy but people who do buy Rog get it for a reason and it's not the software support

    I agree samsung is better for a normie but rog is way better for people who know what they're getting into

    Everyone would appreciate more better support but it is what it is right now the more they sell the more popular Rog phone brand will be and the better the support

  • What if you will be proved wrong in future 🤪 and i assure you that surprisingly you will see much better support with every new generations. So it is not to late for ROG 3. who knows with all new generations if both ROG 3 & 5 get better with time proving you false in every direction 😜

    Time will tell...! and belive me Asus is trying there best and is improving in every possible direction day by day.


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    If people knew what they were getting into, they wouldn't have bought the rog 3 with all the issues it has ahaha

    I would never buy the new rog phone, how can someone trust a company that write fake info about their phones, starting from "each display is tested to have an hdr10+ quality"

    And then, where is rog 4? lol

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    Seriously??? Just because you're not gratified with rog 3, you're asking everyone to ditch Rog 5. Grow up man. You can't judge a book without reading it. It might not have any issues like Rog 3. If I'll talk about myself, audio has been my top most priority since last 4years and you won't find many mainstream devices with great audio qualities. As Averan has told it's a ludicrous deal for audiophiles.

    Let's talk about Update delays. The security patch updates of Asus are Bi-Monthly and I don't remember Asus missing out any update in any of the months. Each month they have fixed one thing or the other. Display has been considerably improved. It's not like they're sitting idle or something. Android 11 will arrive on time. It's not like your device is unusable that you need software support badly.

    I generally don't like to reply to such posts, but you're literally maligning here. You don't like something; don't buy it. Your sentiments are yours to deal with.(I hope you got the reference). Don't generalise everything.

  • 4 is an unlucky number for China and in Hdr videos it does its job

  • I haven't judged a book 1 year ago that was asus rog 2 and believe me that was my biggest mistake..and buying rog 5 would be a disaster 4 me 🤮

  • but i'll love to see myself in that disaster as iam a machine fan not a software admirer😂🤪

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    The objective of Hdr is having vibrant colors and especially a good quality in dark scenes... Rog 3 indeed has a perfect behaviour in dark scenes, even better than the galaxy s21

  • Well, who are we to decide what someone else should do , we are just here to giving suggestions

    One thing we should tell others , be wise and think for pros and cons and what actually makes sense for your needs , go for it 😁👍

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    I've been pretty happy with the ROG Phone 3 so far, honestly. My only issue is with Asus's (lack of) customer service.

    I wouldn't get the ROG Phone 5 anyways, since I don't buy new phones every year. Just a personal opinion, but I think it's a severe waste of money to do so. I usually like to hold onto a phone for at least two years (which is about when the battery's max capacity becomes noticeably reduced).

    I'm not too bothered by the slow update process for Android 11. It isn't going to be a game changer for how I use my phone. I'd rather they work out the bugs (with the beta testing process) than rushing out a buggy update.

    I know people keep bringing it up, but again remember that the ROG Phone is pretty non-standard in terms of hardware (Air Triggers, side USB/accessory port, etc.) and software (X Mode, Twin Apps, etc.).

    If you're REALLY concerned about OS updates and nothing else, get a Pixel. It may have lackluster hardware, but it'll always get OS updates the fastest.

  • wow. this thread should not even exist.

  • Tbeh i think Sudhi.k's account shouldnt even exist, they're obviously a really bad troll,

    @Gustav_ASUS, @ARP_ASUS i think this thread need to be deleted *as well* and please for the sake of the community disable Sudhi.k's account, as they're not contributing anything to assist anyone, and are posting threads such as this that are damaging to your company

  • Bcoz of such attitude only ASUS has not released any fixes or proper updates till date to ROG 3

  • Actual users are suffering even after paying price for the phone and if we raise our voice some ppl are opposing and ASUS is supporting them

  • If they close this thread will open many more threads untill proper resolution is given

  • Asus has actually released quite a few fixes every month or so, its definitely not something they can fix overnight

    Actual users aren't suffering, i think the only that that's really suffering is you (and the the zenforums BECAUSE of you) a lot of people have said that its an issue, and left it at that because they know it will get fixed, or its way, way less of an issue that you're making it out to be

    This thread (started by you, and you alone) isn't asking for a proper resolution, at all. its in fact steering people AWAY from something that doesn't even exist yet??

    How is that asking for a resolution?

    im sure that if they close this thread, you'll open another, probably get ignored, then e get banned :) which i hope you do! (@Gustav_ASUS please)

    you do realise that its ILLEGAL to do that, just because you're upset that someone for the first time in your life isn't caving to your privileged, entitled whinging and childish behaviour you're having a hissy fit about it and making yourself look more and more like an idiot, so you're putting this on yourself and you're probably the laughing stock of the zenforums, since you created you're account ALL you've done is complain, and complain, and complain and haven't actually helped anyone, you've just made things worse.

    Protip: sell the phone if its that much of an issue, if asus arent fixing anything, then why hold onto it?? that's literally the dumbest thing you can possibly do

  • but @sudhi.k i'll give you the benefit of the doubt

    What Firmware are you on? have you updated it at all?

    You may need to manually update the phone if you're not getting FOTA's

  • @sudhi.k I know I've been very attacky (as have you) with my responses, but you obviously love the phone as do i so I'm offering you an olive branch of assistance, take it if you will

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