Right Trigger Issue

dixitshantanu55dixitshantanu55 Level 1
edited March 2021 in ROG Phone 3

So I was playing PUBG and I only use my right trigger (dual partition mode) while my left trigger is turned off.

I was experiencing some instances where even if I tapped my right trigger, it didn't work. So I began trying to troubleshoot what's up with it. I went to the slide settings of AirTriggers and I noticed that my right trigger flickers alot when I slide my finger through it. My left trigger is absolutely fine and smooth as I slide through it. But the right trigger flickers alot when I slide.

If I slide my right trigger from a little back from a different angle, it works smoothly as well. But it flickers when I slide my finger on it normally.

I have tried clearing the cache data from both Armoury Crate app and the AirTriggers sub app. It didn't solve anything.

What should I do?



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