Android 11 For ROG 2

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When We will Get Android 11 Update

Seriously Asus Its Really bad

Android 12 Beta has been Rolled Out

and in Asus Premium Segment phones

has doesn't Started Android 11 Beta test Yet

Wow So much Wow



  • "When We will Get Android 11 Update"

    Never. Rog I got just one major update, why do you think it will be different with Rog II?

  • RoG is not Flagship, its #PseudoFlagship, so only one major android update is scheduled.

  • Hope rog 2 users will get A11. Else we can see the future of Asus rog series.

  • Hi,

    Totally understand the situation currently the same is under evaluation.

    Any news will be updated to you all. Thanks.

  • I think rog 5 will definitely be a flop in the Indian market considering how they have treated rog 2 issue's , updates and rog 3's black crush

  • The beta of A11 for Rog 3 has not started yet ... so for rog2, if it arrives .. it will be in a long time ..

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    If I knew that Asus will only support ROG Phone 1 only with 1 os update, I wouldn't buy ROG 2. If they don't give second os update to us, I won't buy ASUS phones in the future. This is how it works for me, also for many people. I paid nearly 1000 us and I want "at least" 2 os updates for this price. That's simply it.

  • Mod had confirmed that rog series recieves 1 android update Only.

    Rog 1 still on A9. So we Rog 2 users are dead to them.

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    I won't say confirmed at this point Anders said "it isn't communicated" right now if I recall correctly

    So you have a 50/50 probability it'll be more clear in the coming days imo

    And didn't Rog 1 get Zen ui 6 update (5 to 6)

    So by that logic 2 should get zen ui 7 but I think that's too soon to judge let them confirm about A11 first

  • By your logic getting zenui 7 is ok but it is not considered as android update since it is launched in so called premium segment so everyone except atleast 2 android update .

    Also why asus is not announcing their android update plan during their launch .

  • Whats new in ZenUI 7 anyways? Its not adding major changes / features anyways.

    Live captions? A10's core feature itself is missing. And there are Many.

    And ASUS does this all the time, keep ignoring/posting in templates so long that people piss off and go away. That's their business motto, "giving no F___s, only bugs".

  • Asus zen ui versions do add a decent amount of stuff

    Battery limit features,new game genie features, redesigned recent apps menu,dialer has an pop up now,all core Zen ui apps updated to new design,updated optiflex, scheduled dark mode to name a few

    So basically many of the core android 11 features are already present in Zen ui 7

    Live caption was not a core feature and OEMs aren't necessarily supposed to implement it afaik leaving pixels none of the OEMs adopted it in android 10 let alone Asus

    Same with android 11's feature to copy text from recents menu wasn't adopted by the majority,but at the same thing OEMs have so many features/customisations which pixel os doesn't offer

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    I know at one point it wasn't even confirmed to get android pie

    I'd say that phone was an experimental first gen model and probably didn't sell that well

    It did cost like 70k in India (1000$) at launch and didn't get good software support the 500$ Zenfone 5z comparatively is still getting updates and got android 10 quickly after its release

  • I can count you 3-5 samsung devices, midrange ones with live captions, some of the realme/nokia ones.

    "android 11's feature to copy text from recents ": Fact: it was pixel exclusive feature, you need actions service for that.

    dialer has an pop up now: like finally? After so many years🤦‍♂️

    scheduled dark mode: had to wait whole generation for this?🤦‍♂️

    genie features: it an app, don't need zen 7 to do that, its just pre-planned obsolescence

    Battery limit features: mod confirmed this won't be coming to R2 as its H/W dependent, I doy believe it is but I know it won't come either

    Btw all this, is when Rog 2 will get major update, which I don't thik it will. Otherwise why would asus keep it quiet all along?😂 They like to announce / celebrate updates on social media.

    Fact that there is no official clarity on this even after 18 months of device release, and considering history with A9 stuck R1, it's clear that R2 won't see any major update.

    Plus delayed 3 monthly security update doesn't reassure too.!😂

  • They won't release any news regarding A11 for rog 2 until the launch of rog 5 market release and sales cause rog 2's bad news might spread and it might affect rog 5 sales so they'll tell us us that rog 2 won't get A11 after the rog 5 sales well

    This is business

  • And it has actually been confirmed to never get it.

  • This is a "wrong" business model. If you don't give proper monthly security updates and "at least" 2 big os updates for a 1000 US phone (ROG 2) you definitely lose your customers. This is how it works. Considering that ROG 2 is a gaming phone, it does not have that much customer and losing this so called "gamer" customer base means even less profit for ASUS. I am not a gamer and I really enjoy this phone. It has headphone jack, really good 2 front-facing speakers, good haptic engine, amazing battery life and 120hz fluent amoled display. But if I don't get a proper support for my device from ASUS, I will look for an alternative options for my next phone choice. Asus charges a flagship level price tag for ROG but does not give flagship level support, which they should. Or they lose customer and money. It is simple.

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