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  1. Model Name:ASUS_I003D

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Hi, I just bought ROG Phone 3 but I want to know which version I might be getting (version A, B or C). How to know which is the version I got?


  • If Tencent games is written on back panel then its Chinese limited version and if its not there on back panel then its global version which will almost work at all over the World

    If you are having WW rom on Tencent version then you are scammed and if its not Tencent then you are just fine

  • I'm a bit worried in regards to the frequency tho? Seems version A has better LTE and 5G band compared to Version B or C (and the one sold locally here is not version A, even though it is not Tencent).

  • Honestly, it didn't bother me whether what type do you buy. If you're really into gaming, most of the time you'll be much better off connected to wifi as it eliminates latency and delays. Even you're connected to 5G while having 500mb+ speeds, it will still have latency issues most of the time. 5G in my country is really not that stable even if you have a full signal bar and it eats a ton of your battery.

  • It is not for only gaming though, I actually plan it for works and traveling too (not in this time tho) and having good LTE band support will be nice. The model in my country doesn't even have 512GB models thus why I have to resort to import it here.

    I also don't really bother on 5G, a good signal on LTE 4G/+ is currently better for the battery life and this is also why the A version seems more interesting because of the better CA support which allow it to be easily hoping more band at the same time.

    Do hope Asus provide a single worldwide version or at least indicated which version it is on the phone itself as it is rare to find phone that almost hits all of the LTE band, version A that is.

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