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What's ASUS' plans regarding the software updates for the Zenfone 6?

Will it receive Android 12 or only security updates from now on?

Some brands have public schedules (eg: our phones receive X major Android updates and X years of total support), but I can't find anything for ASUS devices.



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    There is a condition * which specifies "only if the actual rollout timeline matches with plans of ASUS"

    They are struggling to give stable update since 10 and if we look at the marketing strategies I don't think we gonna get further support.

    It's better if they first give one stable update . Be it 9 10 or 11

  • Right now for Zenfone flagships Asus has a 2 android os upgrade policy and around 3yrs of security patches and bug fixes can confirm the latter myself (using an Zenfone 5z right now) my 5z is around 2.6yrs+ old now and is still getting OTAs every 2 months

    Regarding android 12 for the Zenfone 6 I think it's rather unlikely as Asus doesn't have a 3 os upgrade policy yet not even for their 2020 phones so unless they commit to 3 os policy nothing can be said about this

    Plus even if 2021's Asus phones have 3 os policy then if it'll extend to the Zenfone 6 is a different matter altogether

    Android 11 may very well be zf6's last major os version but you guys still can ask for Zen ui 8 whenever that comes I guess

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    Any official position @Anders_ASUS ?

  • Nice to hear about the security updates for the 5. That's more than I would have expected. I would happily stay on A11 on the 6 for an extra year if it's getting security updates.

  • The new hardware new SO plan will never change even in Google's treble project the manufacturers will not accept it, that is, it is not exclusive to Asus. But keeping the security patches is already a good. As for changing the cell phone I did not get the ZenFone 7 because Asus did not launch the 7 Pro in Brazil

  • There's no current decision regarding A12 for ZF6 but you may ask again in 6 months

  • LOL nice to hear some hope but I can't imagine they would establish such a precedent for future phones. I'll happily be flamed in the future if I'm wrong but seems like false hope.

  • Well of course it isn't unheard of companies going further than their initial promises (OnePlus with 3/3T, Google with first gen Pixel, and Samsung with S10/Note 10/S20), so I still hope Asus will do the same with the Zenfone 6, or at the very least with the Zenfone 7 series. In my opinion they really should. They really can't ignore the fact that Samsung did it even though a probably small percentage of their user base cared. On the other hand, I'd bet most Asus phone users are enthusiasts more likely to care. And as Zenfone 7 launched with Android 10 when 11 was around the corner, the current policy would mean essentially 1 year of major updates, which would be straight up incompetitive at this price, at this time, with this user base.

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