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Hello ROG's any update on Anroid 11 hitting ROG Phone 3 in India. Thanks.



  • After latest. 131 firmware update Beta testing application's have been started of Android 11 for ROG 3 if you are interested to taste flavour of Android 11 please dont forget to fill up that application form by going to

    Settings>system>system update>upper right corner three dots>beta testing application.

    Asus will than select the beta testers and inform them via email so keep eye on it.

    Regarding stable Android 11 i hope its too close with hopefully l less bugs in beta versions


  • What are the main changes to Android 11 though? Doesn't seem like there's anything major unless i missed out on the details

  • I think the big one is how Android 11 is hinting at having some sort of dynamic color / greyscale profiling which is omni important for OLED screens, this would completely get rid of black crush.

  • That sounds promising. How is it performing on other Android phones? Has the black crush been fixed for those phones (i recall reading here that even the OnePlus is facing this issue)? I am unable to see how Android 11 is doing in real life as my household is surrounded by iOS users haha

  • So far I've seen reports from OP8pro users stating that after upgrade to A11 their black crush has been fixed. I can only guess if its because of the actual operating system or oneplus team integrating something to fix it. Once the beta starts we will know more tho.

  • Pls wait for another 1 year we all will get Android 11 update

  • By the time Anroid 12 also will be making in tkt to the market.

  • As per the news andriod 12 early software will be relased within a few days but here we are asking for andriod 11 beta.

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    That's android 12 developer preview not meant for the masses and exclusive to pixels

    Android 12 stable will roll out to pixels by September - October

    1-2 months after that to latest flagships of other brands (Samsung, Asus zenfone, oneplus etc)

    So basically speaking android 12 is a bit far right now

    Plus why do people assume rog to get faster updates? I mean yes it's an gaming flagship and costs same as other flagships but there's a reason it has the keyword "gaming" in it, updates isn't rog's priority nor it's selling point, Zenfone series will always be prioritized when it comes to updates. (2019's zenfone 6 got stable a11 last December and additional 2 otas after that )

    And now why rog can't be updated as fast is a known fact imo just cos of the amount of features, tuning it has and another reason that when it comes to updates it's probably isn't prioritized (rog 3 is still getting monthly to bimonthly otas so far, rog 2- bimonthly /every two months)

    But with each iteration of rog they're improving so hopefully it gets better for the future models

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