Blackcrush fixed, now for the testing

DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
edited February 2021 in ROG Phone 3

So I basicially fixed the black crush issue, I made an application that will require root and the current implementation is just very much alpha, it works but it drains a bit to much performance and has some glitches, which I suspect is either because it's fighting pixelworks software or glitch caused by me, whatever the case may be I need to test more black crush to do further testing, so far I used Batman 2021 trailer, Joker interrogation scene, Iron man trailer 2 and resident evil 2 trailer on youtube, if some people have other scenes on youtube or pictures etc. that they experience severe black crush on for me to test you can link that here. Also I want to mention that once I'm done for a release I'm not entirely sure how to handle it, gonna be honest here the self entitlement and ignorance of some people on these forums makes me wonder if I should even release it in the first place. Just thought I'd keep some interested users up 2 date who ask me via reddit/zentalk/discord and youtube.


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