Android 11 Feedback (regarding usability)

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  1. Model Name: ASUS 6Z
  2. Firmware Version: WW_18.0610.2101.127


Hi All,

@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @victor0_ASUS

Let me start by saying that ASUS has done a good job on Android 11. The stable release is very good and is fit to be a daily driver. So kudos to the developers who worked on this.

I really liked the android 10 implementation and comparing 11 to it I have some suggestions with respect to the usability. These changes may not necessarily be introduced by ASUS but by Google itself.

1. Bring back the settings gear icon on the bottom-right when we pull down the notification panel in the first swipe

- We had this behavior in Android 10 but this has been changed in 11 so that you now need to completely extend the notification panel which requires two swipes and causes inconvenience since it is the primary shortcut for users to go to the settings quickly.

2. Missing the shortcut actions in the recent-apps screen

- In A11 you now have to tap the app icon in the recent-apps screen to display the actions available, while in A10 the actions were available upfront to the user. The A11 implementation hurts the one-handed usability as you need to adjust and extend the thumb to the top of the screen.

3. Animations feel slow

- The animations do not lag but feel slow. I have set the animation scale to 0.5 and it feels much better but something still feels off and I can't put my finger on it (maybe it is just me).

4. Please can we make the Facebook apps uninstall-able

- Facebook services, Facebook app manager, Facebook app installer are preloaded in the phone since its release. Please can we make them uninstall-able.

If ASUS could consider the above Quality of Life improvements for the upcoming releases that would be very helpful.




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