TUF A15 FA506ii low CSGO fps + RAM upgrade

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  1. System: Win 10 20H2
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: TUF A15 FA506ii
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS: Yes
  6. Screenshot or video:


Hello. I purchased this laptop few days ago (r5 4600h, 1650Ti 4GB, 8GB ram, SSD). I noticed that when playing CSGO my fps is around 70-120 (Ofic. MM, faceit, training with bots). I tried various FPS boost commands, setting the priority to high, uninstalling the game, even tried to disable/enable the services in msconfig, but nothing helped. I know that this laptop can do much more as I was getting about 200 fps on my 5 years old n551vw laptop (i5, 960m, 12gb ram). I've even updated the bios to 314 but it didn't help. The game is installed on the SSD. What do you think might be the source of the problem?

I was thinking that it might be the RAM (8GB CL22) but I'm not sure. I know that CSGO is a game that uses more CPU than GPU but I didn't think it would be a problem for the R5. Regarding the RAM, is it possible to get rid of the original 8GB ram and replace it with a single 16GB faster CL16 unit? I think I saw somewhere on the internet that the RAM is soldered and can not be replaced.

Thank you, hope you understand as my english isn't the best. Patrick.



  • Hello Patrick,

    There are 2 RAM slot on this model. Each supporting DDR4 3200Hz 1.2V RAM up to 16GB. 32GB in total.

    Thank you.

  • You should really try this. I got the same problem and asus recommend me to upgrade to dual channel. Not the single 16 gb stick. I can not afford an other ram stick now. Please do that if you can and give me the result. Lots of my friends got the same problem

  • Hello Blake. "2 ram slots" means that I can get rid of the old ram and buy a faster one, if I can find one? Thank you for your help 👍

    Yes I will buy another 8gm ram and let you know. Problem is that it's out of stock everywhere here in UK

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    I highly appreciate that. Hope our laptop will be fine. I have not play any games with full experience since i bought it

  • Ah. I forgot telling you to download Msi after burner and see how much percentage of your dedicated gpu is used when playing games. It is really important. Just follow some basic instruction to turn on on screen display and see how much of your gtx 1650ti is used when having a single channel 8gb ram. Our specs are the same. If you get about 60 to 70 % gpu used then we got the same problem bro. I will use this result to help asus tuf community in 🇻🇳 Vietnam.

    Thank you very much!

  • I've tried the msi after burner, followed the instructions but it's not working while ingame. I will try again and post the results. Btw I've ordered the ram, crucial 8gb 3200mhz 22cl. I literally can't find any 1.2v 3200 mhz lower than 20cl ram here in UK

  • hm, it should be the same kind with the original ram stick.

    😆 hope that will be ok

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdxnOUT7Pnc Here is how to set up msi after burner. Everything gonna be fine.

  • Do not mess with the clock scale oryou will get into trouble.

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    Hi, msi afterburner is working now, I had to turn on third part apps in steam.

    1. scale 4:3, resolution 1024x768 everything lowest possible
    2. scale 16:9, resolution 1920x1020 everything lowest possible

    Thing is that CSGO is more CPU hungry than GPU hungry, maybe it just needs more cpu power.

    There was a guy on reddit who tested the A15 range and he said that CPU and GPU usage is limited to 100W of TDP combined. If this is true then we will never be able to use the full potential.

    Blake_Asus care to coment? Thanks.

  • Managed to get it working.

    1. 1024x 768
    2. 1920x1080

    My old n551vw was better than this, omg. Someone on reddit did a full test of the A15 range and said that the cpu and gpu usage is limited to 100W of TDP combined. We will never get the full potential. Oh ....

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    I see that your gpu was only used at 40%. The same thing happened with my fa706ii not only a15 series. If what he said is true, this might be the biggest scam for me. But one of my friends do not have this problem at all. The model he using is fa15 with ryzen7 4800h plus 16gb dual chanel ram. The laptop is working surprisingly stable with 98% gpu used in games such as red dead redemption 2, gtav, farcry4, he does not play cs go like us so i could not tell you how his gpu looks like in cs go. Does that give you any hope?

  • Have you tried any other games? Did it have any lag?

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    Yes I tried Far Cry 4, full hd, everything on ultra, around 45fps 👍 I'll get back to you once I install the new ram

  • As i could see from my friend's laptop, it should be around 60 to 75 fps. We really have a big problem hẻre

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    What graphic card does he have? I think it's near impossible to run FC4 on ultra with all nvidia functions turned ON with 1650Ti on 60 to 75 fps. FC4 needs a lot of VRAM and my gpu is only 4GB so I think the 45fps I've achieved is pretty impressing.

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    Ok. I will check it later. We are having an exam this morning

  • Hey dude, he really got 70 fps with gtx 1650ti. I found several videos on youtube which prove that you can get bette fps with 1650ti.

  • He also can play red death redemtion with 60 fps. Come on gtx1650ti is not that weak as you thought

  • You should not be worried. Asus will take responsibility for their products. They set up an appointment with me to check but i do not have time now.

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