PN50 for Linux ?

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  1. System:
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: PN 50
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
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Detailed description:Is it possible to install unix-like system on this mini PC in the near future via BIOS-update ? I think it is very unwise to disable it nowadays !



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    I have also this question. It seems that ASUS doesn't want it! It's a pitty!!


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    I bought PN50 a week ago.

    I can't understand why ASUS did not want this mini PC to work under non-MS systems.

    Unix-like systems are more popular these days and are even more powerful and stable.

    They make a wonderful box but confine it's possibilities.

    Speechless !!

  • Dear all,

    May I know which Linux version would you like to install?

    And which option in BIOS are you looking for?

    I will consult specifically with our designers.

    Thank you very much.

  • Thank for the answer.

    I try to install linux mint 20.

    Although I've disabled the "secure boot" and "fast boot" options in the bios setting, it didn't work.

    I guess there should be an option like "OS-Type --> Other OS" in the bios setting which enables one to install non-MS systems. (I said "guess" because it is in almost other pcs and the name of the selection may be different.)


  • I also have the same problem.

    I bought a PN50 2 weeks ago with 4700U+512G NVMe+ 64G Ram.

    As I try to boot from my Ubuntu 20.1 live-CD (on USB Thumb), it failed!

    It wouldn't boot from non-MS system!

    And neither did I see the option "OS-Type --> Other OS" in the BIOS setting.

    I would be much appreciated if YOU guys from ASUS could help.

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    I've tried to install both Debian 10.7 and Ubuntu 20.1, but failed.

    It won't boot from my live cd.

    It even can't boot from my SSD (not the pre-installed NVMe) with already a working linux mint 19.3 in it.

    Looking for support!

  • Dear all,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    I have reported them all.

    and will keep you updated.

  • Any solution out there yet?

    Just bought a PN50 without even thinking of it to don't work with Linux.

    So if there won't be any solution soon (2 weeks from now) I have to return this PC to the vendor, because it's totally useless and you (ASUS) don't even mention this NO-GO Problem with even one word on your pages.

    Suggesting Windows 10 means suggesting it, not "It won't run with any other OS".

    If your IT haven't found the problem yet, just install Debian, start it after installing it, reboot, choose recovery mode, login and run journalctl -xb

    No person who seriously works in IT and is at least a bit concerned about security would use MS products nowadays! Remember that please!

  • Dear all,

    Sorry to bother you again.

    May I have the CPU version you have for your PN50?

    Current BIOS version and a screenshot of the installation fail message?

    Thank you so much.

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    So I have a PN50 BR037MD

    BIOS-Version etc. is added as picture.

    Output of journalctl -xb is added as log.

    The boot proces just stops and leaves only a blinking cursor on screen, which will stay there andy isn't able to enter text.

  • iF possible , enable CSM mode in bios , use rufus software to create bootable linux mint live pendrive .

  • I'll try this and report the results over here.

    Anyways for the main purpose I bought this for I need Debian

  • Jan-NiklasJan-Niklas Level 1
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    Is there anything special about creating it with Rufus?

    If not, I would use my normal PC running Linux Mint for bootable USB creation

    EDIT: Seems like the Linux Mint servers are down currently (and also Debian mirror servers).

    So could take some time.

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    rufus software is special , when we use linux iso file, it will download updated patch of that iso and it will be embedded into usb pendrive.

    did you enabled CSM mode or enabled Legacy boot in BIOS ,

    here you can download rufus software just 1.10MB

    You can download Debian form below site

    Index of /debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd

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    My previous attempts where in legacy mode, because it's the way I normally install Linux.

    I will try in Secure boot in a minute.

    Using Rufus will take a moment, because I'm haven't a Windows machine on hand.

  • ok there are two types of debain os

    1. installing on hdd
    2. LIve DVD

  • So Debian netinstaller in secureboot fails the same way like before...

    I will give the live image a try

  • Jan-NiklasJan-Niklas Level 1
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    So here are the results:

    (everything with secureboot enabled and active)

    USB-Drive created with Linux Mint:

    Debian netinstall: fails

    Debian live image: fails

    USB-Drive created with Rufus 3.13 in Win 10:

    Debian live image: fails

    Linux Mint live image: runns in live mode, but only with 800x600 px resulution

    So there is still something going wrong

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    i downloaded debian-live-10.7.0-amd64-standard.iso and


    , created bootable pendrive with following steps

    keep internet , click start , it will open below like this , click ok,

    wait for 10 minutes to finish.

    secure boot enabled, no change

    boot with usb pendrive shows as UEFI with pendrive name , , clock enter , to proceed further.

    i have an X542UQ vivobook laptop with latest bios firmware. i tested today on my laptop, debain is successfully booted with netinst and with live dvd

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