It's not on the screen ...

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It's not actually on the screen, it's on the fingerprint sensor.

You can fix it? @Anders_ASUS

Thanks you


  • _jis__jis_ Level 5

    No, this gesture is really for the screen. I used it in Android 9 and I use it in Android 10. I assume it's also present in Android 11, unless something's changed. I don't have Android 11 yet.

  • Well, something is wrong because with the screen it does not work, only with the fingerprint sensor.

  • _jis__jis_ Level 5

    Tap on that text "Swipe up to wake up" to invoke help screen, read the help and try again.

  • You're right, it wasn't really activated until you showed help. It should activate without having to go to the help screen.

    Thank you

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