Has the Android 11 update started for Asus 6Z (Zenfone 6 in India)

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I tried to update my 6Z phone from Android 10 to Android 11 but seems there is no update .Any 6Z users out there who got their phones updated to Android 11?If you did it manually then plz provide the steps



  • Wait for an OTA..many users in india haven't received the updates. Would suggest not to update manually. I am also waiting for the same.

  • Did you recieved an update?

  • Absolutely there is no difference even if you do it manually still you will have your phone intact.

    OTA might miss out on certain occassions, if they put it on site, means it's officially released user can get it downloaded manually.

    You will still receive future OTAs if any

  • Do you really think that now I will believe that I will recieve OTA if I update it manually. I will jump into another mess I will loose stable A10 n switch to in progress A11 believing the fact that I will recieve OTA further when I didn't recieved the major update. I m just waiting for a week because everyone is saying it'll take a week. After that will see what I can do with this device.

  • Man I've manually installed many a times and yet I'm getting all OTAs , IDK who / what made you to think this

  • Let's wait for a day or two otherwise will do it manually.

  • Have you ever cleared storage/cache of FOTAService system app and reboot then tap "check update" if not, try once

  • Google firmware services right? I did that 10 times but no output

  • @Bhasky can you please help me with the process of manually installing..? Alon with link which can be open through mobile device itself

  • It's an indian version right?

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    you can verify it yourself by visiting the wsite

  • No worries its in download will install it..i don't think will recieve it from OTA push now any further...thanks man for the help

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    i guess you somehow missed it accidently you might have rejected, or else you could have did what I said yesterday to clear storage/cache of FOTAService (system app)

    There will be again a popup asking for update

  • Bro Fota services can never be rejected for any phone. It starts automatically and like sachin said it's based on warranty date I mean user who bought phone before me recieved an update and I didn't. I mean I agree the server is wierd but not this much that it won't push updates only for my device. Already wasted 40k on this dump. Now not in a mood to waste my money on servicing as well. I am checking manually every second and did cleared the data and cache for 'google service firmware' and 'fota service' as well. Kept my phone on Wifi..I don't know the exact issue what it is...it's a 6th day and week is about to get finish. I mean I received the November patch and after that nothing I recieved. So means there is no issue in my phone and backend support I am not getting any...rebooted my phone like 100 times but not a worthwhile...at the end only option is manual update. But in this case I am concerned that whatif I won't recieve any further updates than I will loose the stable A10 and will jump into Buggy A11 and to be honest I don't have much time to play around with my phone.

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    you need not to touch any google service related app except FOTAService by ASUS

    A11 is far better than A10 in terms of stability (good / normal battery backup / no heating issues around the cam region, flips performing well, no sudden restarts, no hang so far, gaming also smooth) But I had lot of problems while using A10

    Stabilized videos from google photos were not getting saved and battery backup was poor

    so I reverted back to 9 and waited for A11

    You shall never worry about OTAs unless you mess with ROM , device will get all future OTAs if we follow manufacturer's guidelines

  • I haven't brother like I m not a developer...I only know few things not much so never rooted my any android device n never done any such kind of "playing around" things like tickling ROM or RAM...used in a simple manner and Similar case with Asus. It's been more than 10 years I am using Android but never faced such kind of issues in my life. Well let it be...I finally gave up as I am not expecting any help from any moderators here. Tagged every known person n created lot of Chaos in here. So let's stick with A10 now. If it'll come in future like after a month or two will forsure drop a message in here.

    Thanks for the help brother. Nice talking to you. 👍👍😊😊

  • Obviously man...if you have some automatic feature and you have to operate that feature manually...than what's a fun of saying it as a automatic feature.

    Asus said they pushed the ota in batches so it'll take a week but after a week also I haven't recieved anything. Now service agent is saying update it manually. Why will I take a risk of that.

  • Asus is not the only one to be honest, I did miss a couple of OTA updates on my old Xiaomi phone as well. The other alternative was to manually download the update from their official website and then update the device software. Manually updating the phone is as safe as updating throught OTAs. There's a checksum configured with every firmware to install on only the compatible devices. If the checksum is different it will not update your device by any means until your device(bootloader) is unlocked.

    Asus has done a great job with Android 11 and you must try it.

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