Haven't recieved A11 in my phone. Can anyone tell me how much I have to be patient and keep on waiti

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  • It's been more than 2 days guys can anyone tell me how can this will work out I spent 40k on this phone and bought it in flash sale...I mean seriously fed up with this 😡😡

    Why only I have to be patient and calm when every other user is recieving updates in India...I mean it's more than a pathetic thing happening to me ever since I am an android user

  • Guys I'm sorry that u have not got it but I suggest you to wait because they start the rollout in phases and if u ask me how do they decide which phone on which phase I don't know but it's something strange and even u have the first serial no or u were the first to buy that phone u need to wait not only here I'm also a OnePlus user and there too I have the same problem after the update is rolled out by OnePlus it'll be nearly a week after I'll get so in the same way here u need to wait for a day or a two day or as long as a week until the ota arrives.


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