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Not sure if this thread will help, but I wanted to make one suggested tweak to the new A11 release. I may think of others.

I was looking forward to the ability to limit charging percentage to 80% and it works fine. It would be nice, though, if the charging led color would change to green when 80% (or 90% if that is the user's choice) is reached instead of the normal charging color. That way one can tell it has reached that level without having to turn on the screen.

Others feel free to use this thread to make suggestions if any.

Edit - Just in case it doesn't already do it (I haven't tested) it would be nice if battery stats also were automatically reset when the charging limit is hit.


  • That's a good idea I think many will support you including me but I think customising the light is not possible but if it is possible then I'm with you

  • Finally tested it and battery stats do get reset when reaching 80% AFTER subsequently unplugging the phone when having the charge limited to 80%. Will be nice instead of like on A10 when all my stats where never reset and therefore always useless.

  • That is something I won't understand why Asus hasn't done. The LED indicator color should change to indicate that the battery has charged to 100% or the set level, like something to green. It would be very helpful, and a lot of phone have it to be honest, even some cheap ash Chinese phones I've seen.

    I don't even see how it could be difficult, the task is fairly easy to be honest. I also wish there could be a feature where we could customise at what level the LED changes colors multiple times, like AMBER under 50, YELLOW under 80, and GREEN over 80.

  • @Scooo When you charge your phone and it reaches 100 percentage the notification LED changes to green and about customising the LED.Think about that first that does the hardware that is does the LED support different colour other than orange or green if it supports only Asus can add that feature if it didn't it can't be added to these devices but in the upcoming ones they can try.


  • I never charge any of my devices above 80% and so the LED changing colors at 100 isn't really any useful for me lol. As for the hardware, the LED module does support multiple colors, as I use and the power circuits are capable enough to sense charge levels as well as modulate parameters.

    However, this might not be as practical as it sounds because to even see what the phone is indicating, one must have to be aware to some extent anyway. I guess it is okay right now to at least be indicate that the phone indeed is chargin, although I wish the LED at least turned off when it charges to set charging level lol.

    What do you think?



  • I'm just finding out that the ZF6 actually has NO BLUE AT ALL, which kinda sucks. Frankly, I'm not even interested in the LED color much other than some basic functions.

    I'm proud of owning a ZF6 and though I don't refer to the LED Notifier much, its unfortunate that Asus saved in decimals by cutting down on the LED module :(

    I have seen Green, White, Yellow, Amber, pure Red colors though. Maybe also a lighter shade of Green like lime and a darker tone of Yellow.



  • @Scooo I did some research and found out the led can be customised and it'll require a special app to do that but I think there's some third party apps in playstore like led manager I never tested that so I don't know does it work or not but you can try that apps if it works tell this in the community and it'll be helpful


  • So I did try some popular apps like Light flow, LED Light manager etc. They do not work well, beyond Red and Green and cause the phone to reboot randomly and make the launcher crash.

    As of now, I would say that it is unadvisable to use apps to modify Notification LED configurations.

    I might start a discussion, will quote the link to you. Or you can.



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