Findings on the gradient "Black crush" issue

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Since my inbox on several sites are starting to blow up I thought I might as well make this topic and just link it to those who keep asking.

So far I gave up on the idea to change anything on pixelworks stuff, I haven't looked at the .122 update yet but I doubt they have touched it anyways, that being said 2 days ago I made a proof of concept playing the video "Batman 2021 trailer" at 50% and 100% brightness without any pixelation while stock almost the entire trailer would look like super mario bros from the 80s, pixels everywhere. I have also found several API's that can make a software solution possible to completely get rid of the black crush people are experiencing, however there are 2 major drawbacks:

  • The application WILL require root, meaning warranty will be void and such, probably won't be an issue for those who purchased a modphone or tencent version as they don't have warranty anyways
  • The application will likely have some sort of performance hit

As the application just started in development don't expect anything soon at all, While I do programming on other languages I'm not terribly familair kotlin/Java and android yet and there is no point making a shoddy application that will drain battery like mad, that combined with the fact that I do this on a completely "when i feel" schedule and have limited time due to other projects this will take quite a while if ASUS doesn't beat me to it or I drop it due to whatever reasons. And before you ask, yes if the application is finished it will also work on other phones with black crush issues such as OnePlus 8 Pro, Samsung Series etc.

Now you can stop asking me what I found and what I'm doing.


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