ROG Phone 2 | Can i request a speedy service?

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I submitted my Device for service on Nov 30th due to the charging issues, which they diagnosed as a motherboard issue. They said the device will be ready in 7 working days. I contacted them yesterday (11.12.2020) to ask for progress and they replied they are yet to receive spare parts for the repairing process to begin. I asked them for a timeline and they replied even they don't know when they will get the parts necessary. They said they are to receive a shipment of parts next week. What makes me worry is that they cant confirm whether the parts for my device will be on that shipment. My question is, why is it taking this long to repair a common issue that was raised by many? This is supposed to be a premium product right? isn't 14-20 days repair period asking a bit too much from the consumers? I can't even appeal to the service personnel to make haste as they have no control over the issue.

I submitted my Device to a Coimbatore based service center named Compuage Infotech. is it possible to speed up the delivery process of spare parts that they are yet to receive? I'm even willing to pay extra. I just need my device up and running fast.


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    It could be the Coronavirus pandemic where things will not be normal as it should.

  • Hi LazzoLeon,

    Please share the details requested over PM, I will share it to the concerned team so that they can expedite.

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    @LazzoLeon , Even I gave my ROG Phone 2 mobile for service in Coimbatore on Nov 28, after big fight with ASUS service they promised me they will deliver mobile by Dec28 with 3 months extended warranty for mobile, but not they postponed to Jan 5 without notifying me about they delay. Additionally, they reduced the product extended warranty to two months.

    After purchasing, we have to behind Asus A*s support. Their service is shit !!!!! never buy Asus products again.

    @ARP_ASUS / @ronakkikod5, stop deceiving people simply say delay is due to Coronavirus pandemic. If possible try to find proper solution to improve your customer support.

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    If this is the issue, you're most likely to get a refund. I'm getting mine either today or tomorrow depending on weather....It would be nice if they were to give me an ROG 3 device with extra payment instead of just refunding tho...But well I'm moving to one plus since ROG 3 is kinda less gamerish and has no headphone jack...Come on guys the main reason Many people bought rog 2 is for gamerish looks and headphone jack. Please focus on those instead of some assholes review of gaming phone should please normal consumers. Normal people can fuck off. It's called a gamer phone for a reason!!

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