ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT switch on failure: black screen, green LED

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Bought mine in 2020-04-11, and every few months after turning my PC (Intel NUC i5-10, USB-C DP, but effect PC independant) off the next day the display keeps showing the green Power LED but no chance to switch it back on, with or without any PC attached, USB-C oder Mini-HDMI.

The only solution is to disconnect the screen and leave it for SEVERAL DAYS (!!!). This happened already a few times, every 1-2 months. Even after self-healing = display power LED is getting blue, screen shows picture, the battery level is still showing about 100 %.

Please provide a corrected firmware!

  1. I have exactly the same effect as described in www.reddit.com/r/ASUS/comments/d0bcu7/asus_zenscreen_go_not_turning_on/Syst


  • Dear Oliver,

    Please kindly send the device to service center.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake,

    thank you for your reply. I am already in contact with the service by email (E20120030750) and just asked them for a replacement. Detailed defect description here for the community if further people should have the same effect:

    As expected after about 2 days the screen is working again. But I cannot afford to be unable to use this computer for two days on a regular basis only because the monitor will not turn on. Since April this happened about 3-4 times.

    And as the effect is completely independent of the connected device (no single cable attached) and thus any device drivers other than the firmware of the MB16AMT itself the only solution could be a firmware update or a product exchange.

    After about two days the power LED turned from permanent green to off and I could turn it on again. I then attached the USB-C cable and my Intel NUC i5 computer again, could see a picture (the boot screen and Windows desktop) and checked the battery status: it still showed 100 % although the USB-C cable was only attached for 1 minute. No other cable was attached and no charger – I let the monitor on the table for two days till it changed its power LED status.

    Kind regards, Oliver.

  • And by the way: this is a fantastic product! I am using it from my living room armchair for private reading and also remote working/monitoring (I am an IT pro) nearly every day and love the low profile and low weight and excellenct display and touch capabilities without keyboard or mouse. The alternative to the combination of a mini PC + this monitor connected only with a single USB-C cable for data + power would have been a much thicker and heavier convertible (HP x360 e. g.) as I do not know any other tablet-only device with a 16+ inch display and the power of the mentioned NUC Mini-PC. So, thank you ASUS, for this really cool device :-).

  • Hello Oliver,

    Thank you for the update.

    If there is anything that you need help, let me know anytime.

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